Friday, May 4, 2012

Record Mania Mix 7 - May 2012

A soul mix by Carl Hedberg who is normally found behind the counter at the Recordmania shop. Here's a bunch of personal favorites, from the cheap to the rare.
Crossover, group harmony, modern soul and two step over 77 mins.

Download the mix right here! (Sendspace link)


Shirley Lake - True Love - Parral 45
Candi Bars - You're The One - Candy Stix 45
Specials - You Stood Me Up - Satch 45
Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit 45
Tomorrow's People - Lovers To Friends - Stage Prod LP
Icemen - How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You - ABC 45
Jocelyn Brown - If I Can't Have Your Love - Posse 45
Seville - Show Me The Way - Kayo 45
Willie Hutch - Just Another Day - Motown 45
Darius - Hello Stranger - Chartmaker 45
Jerry Warren - I Really Love You - Latosia 12"
Ollie Nightingale - I Don't Know Why I Love You - Memphis 45
Satin - Your Love's Got Me - Shell 45
Whatnauts - She's Gone To Another - Stang LP
Family Circle - Mariya - Sky Disc LP
Depths Of Love - I Just Can't Find A Love - Sage 45
Sweet And Innocent - Express Your Love - Active 45
Deniece Chandler - Good Bye Cruel World - Toddlin Town 45
Darling Dears - And I Love You - Flower City 45
Al Williams - The Other Side Of Your Love - Crajon 45
Positive Change - This Is Where I'll Be (Till You Return) - Fortress LP
Spinners - You Go Your Way - Atlantic 45
Bernadette Bascom - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love - Solidarity 45


  1. Nice mix Carl, the Sweet and innocent track rocks my world! Lars

  2. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Thanks.

  3. thanks for the nice words, I will tell carl about it, lars

  4. Whats up Carl! Lovely mix! your buddy Sleeps

  5. Thanks Ruben, you're a huge inspiration. Hope to hear you play a spot some day./Carl

  6. hey, is there anyway you can include a download link to this mix? really really really great, would love to have it

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for the praise! Download link added, for a limited time, under the the media player. /Carl