Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Update 27/9 - Blue Note/Impulse-galore, rare rock/prog-feast sprinkled with soul/funk-highlights

Record Mania Weekly presents: one of our best updates in a long time. 
The jazz section is staying healthy, this time we're adding more Blue Note and Impulse titles than I'm able to count (with plenty that we've never had before), along with some really nice European jazz, free jazz and fusion. Pictures say more than words, but if you enjoy your Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane (both John and Alice) and Yusef Lateef you are very likely to find something you want. Oh, and the Christian Schwindt Quintet - For friends and relatives, is one that you might not see very often...

The soul section might not be as strong in numbers, but has real highlights like the California Playboys, Ballads, Sylvia Striplin LP, Bobby Boyd Congress and more.

What might be the most unusual and interesting sight around our store premises is probably the rock and prog records. Not saying we often have some really good stuff in this section, but there are a couple of rock LP's going live today that very rarely turn up for sale. Most notably the legendary Catapilla - Changes on Vertigo, Fuzzy Duck, Nick Drake's Pink Moon, Boz Scaggs rare Swedish LP, R√§vjunk, Gandalf, Asoka and Blueset. 

If you are in Stockholm tomorrow (Saturday 28/9), we also recommend the Sunjay Record Fair in Solna/Solnahallen. Among other sellers from all of Europe, we will be selling records - many of them never previously for sale in our store (due to our limited space). Both cheap and more expensive stuff.
If you are planning on visiting the fair and order something from our website, you can leave a comment when checking out that you want to pick it up at the fair. As long as we have your order before midnight today we'll bring it along if you wish!

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Anyway, enough talking - bring on the photo collages!

Blue Note


European jazz / Free jazz / Fusion

Rock / Prog / Psych

Soul / Funk / Disco

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Record Mania mix 15 - Carl "Lady Midnight" Hedberg

Here's some records that I've been playing a lot in recent months, at home and/or out. Mostly 60s/70s sweet and crossover soul, but there are a few modern soul things in here as well. Hope you enjoy.

Aretha Franklin - Cry Like A Baby - Columbia 45
Bobby Burn - I'm A Dreamer - Chant 45
George Scott - I'm A Fool For You - Maple LP
Sweet Breeze - Slow Change-Up - Willpower 45
Smoke Sugar Company - Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day - Teri De 45
Fifth Page - My Summer Love - Joyful Sounds 45
Leonard Adair - That Smile Upon Your Face - Stage Production 45
Sapphire - How've You Been Gettin' Along - Blue Ash 45
Brenda & The Tabulations - That's The Price You Have To Pay - Dionn 45
Wee Willie Walker - I Don't Want To Take A Chance - Kent 45
Counts - What's It All About - T.M. 45
Axe Band - I'm Gonna Make You Mine - Starstream 12"
Everlife - I Love You Girl - Jibaro LP
Moments - I Gotta Get Next To You - All Platinum LP
Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents - My Love Keeps On Growing - Ken-Tone LP
Optimistics - Say It Baby - Turbo LP
Reason Why - Step Inside My World - Polydor 45
Paramount Four - I've Made Up My Mind - Southern City 45
Rick St John - One Heart Hurting - Independent 45
Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier - Duke 45
Jaedes - Teach Me (A Lesson In Love) - Athena LP
Terrells - Don't Believe - Revolution 45
Moods - Without Her - Soiree LP
Edge Of Daybreak - Let Us - Bohannon's LP

Download the mix from Sendspace here

Friday, September 20, 2013

Raining jazz!

This week autumn has arrived in Stockholm and with it rain, rain, rain (sunshine today though!). Here at the Record Mania office it's raining jazz - we have continued working with the jazz collection we bought a few weeks ago and this week's focus is, amongst other things, on private, spiritual jazz and funk jazz which means you have top rarities from Roy Brooks (original copy of "Black Survival" on Im-Hotep) and Lloyd McNeill (the brilliant "Asha"), plenty of titles on labels like Strata, Strata-East and Muse plus many records from artists like Gary Bartz, Horace Tapscott, Yusef Lateef etc.

We can also offer you nice Bill Evans originals and from this side of the Atlantic we have top euro jazz like Dusko Gojkovic "Slavic Mood", Joe Haider "Cafe Des Pyrennees" and Ted Curson "Ode To Booker Ervin" plus a large number of titles from European labels like Enja, ECM and Steeplechase.

For those of you not into jazz we have a bunch of classic hip hop albums plus some rare hip hop 12"s - Twin Tower "Hard Copy / Safe Sex", 302 "Lectric Groove", Microphone Terrorists "No Food / Hall Of Fame" - and from the soul/disco section Phase 7's "Playtime" LP, Sylvia Striplin's fantastic "Searchin'" and tough boogie from Sypher in "It's Got To Be Right".

To watch all new arrivals check

Next week the jazz marathon continues with a large number of 60s and 70s Blue Note-albums plus 50 or so Impulse-LPs and a lot more!

Private, Spiritual Jazz & Funk Jazz

Jazz & Euro Jazz

Soul, Disco, Hip Hop & Afro

Friday, September 13, 2013

Kenya 45's and killer jazz like Alan Shorter, Bobby Jaspar and more.

The indian summer here in Stockholm has not kept us from listing another 400 records this week. We've continued working with the recently bought jazz collection so there's a healthy dose of jazz with the tops like John Lewis / Sacha Distel "Afternoon In Paris", International PS Jazz Orchestera on Decca (SLK 16433), Ruben Lopez Furst "Jazz Argentino" and Brazilian Jazz Quartet "Coffee and Jazz".

We also have another batch of Kenyan 7"s that our friend Rickard Masip dug out during his recent trip to Kenya plus some more nice Afro stuff like Seyoum Gebreyes hypnotic "Hame Tegnaw / Yehagere Gene" 7" on Amha. Jungle Rock's stunning soul ballad "Life Is A Gamble" needs a special mention, as do Jo Jo Murray's "Real Man" LP and of course Bobby Reed's all-timer "The Time Is Right For Love" plus an original copy on Tyson of the the disco rap grail "Rap Attack" from Family Four. 

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This week has also seen the release of a brand new album from the soon-to-quit Jonas Kullhammar Quartet which comes highly recommended from the Record Mania staff. Limited release so, as the say on eBay, don't sleep...

Jazz & European Jazz

Soul, Disco, Jazz & Funk Jazz

Afro, Latin & Reggae

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bobby Martin R.I.P.

One of the most important people behind the Philly sound, Bobby Martin, died earlier this week at age 83. Imagine having produced, arranged and written for artists like O'Jays, Intruders, Dynells, Barbara Mason, Continental 4, Ambassadors, Frankie Beverly, Invitations, Brenda & The Tabulations, Executive Suite, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Ecstasy, Passion & Pain, Manhattans, Jean Carn, Lou Rawls, LTD, Jean Terrell, Billy Paul, Archie Bell & The Drells, Tavares and heaps more...Bobby Martin did just that. In memory of this great man, here's a few personal BM favorites:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jazz, jazz, jazz and more!

After a couple of really strong weeks we keep the pace up by listing the first batch of records from the huge jazz collection we just bought a large part of – how about 11 Sun Ra LPs, over a dozen of Impulses and Blue Notes each, several albums from artists like Monk and Mingus plus loads of Riverside, Savoy, Prestige, ESP-Disk etc. Top Euro jazz from Svein Finnerud, Hugh Steinmetz, Torolf Molgaard, Eric Dolphy (Last Date), Wolfgang Dauner and loads of more interesting free jazz and Euro jazz including many titles we've never had before.

But of course not only jazz today, all other sections have new stuff as well  - among the rare stuff we have Tappa Zukie’s "Freak" 12", Pam Todd on Shyrlden, Sonny Jenkins 12" in Disco, Burton Inc, Eleanore Mills, Four Tracks 7" on Mandingo in Soul plus a latin favourite from Bobby Matos and a healthy dose of rock as well. Check the pictures below for some of the rarer ones or go to to see all of this weeks new arrivals.

European Jazz and Free Jazz

Jazz and Free Jazz

Soul, Funk, Disco, Rock, Reggae, Latin

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Big jazz collection just bought!

We recently bought parts of a huge jazz collection in the US with loads of great stuff in all price ranges and all genres - from 50s and 60s jazz on labels like Blue Note, Impulse, Savoy etc. to free jazz and 70s private press jazz - so there will be something for everyone! Not only US stuff but a healthy dose of European jazz as well. These will be added the coming weeks starting this Friday (September 6) with a couple of hundred titles so keep watching our new arrivals section ( not to miss anything!

/ Lars & crew

Lighthouse Soul - a mix by Jens Chreisti

This Friday Sept 6 sees the Family Circle party at the Lighthouse in Stockholm. Here is a guest mix from one half of the FC gang, Jens Chreisti. Sweet, modern & crossover soul, from top rarites as Ed Nelson and The Volumes to brilliant cheapies. Highly recommended listening.


The Volumes – I’ve Never Been So in love –Garu
Jim & Lee – Let Go, Baby – Smash
Elements – Hey Lady – Saru
Ed. Nelson – I’ll Give You a Ring – Sagittarius
Hill District – Your Scared – C-Way
Four Mints – You’re My Desire – Capsoul
Carol Anderson – Holding On – Mid Town
Lovations – Later Baby – Cap City
Cam Cameron – They Say – Capri
Little Hank – Try To Understand – SS7
The Village Choir – Talk To Me Sometimes – SCM
TSU Toronados – I Still Love You – Ovide
Toe Jam – Freedom in Soul – Buffalo Soldier
Major IV – I Don’t Believe in Losing – Venture
The Herbs – Put a Hurtin on My Heart – Smoke
Mike James Kirkland – Give It To Me- Bryan
Gil Scott Heron – Willing – Arista
Dee Dee Sharp – You touch my Life – TSOP
O’Jays – To Prove I Love You - TSOP
Caroline Crawford – I’ll Be Here For You  - Mercury