Friday, February 22, 2013

Tons of new records added today

One of the biggest weekly updates this year, with strong additions to most of our sections! Take a look at some of the more exclusive records below, and see everything that's new in stock by clicking this link:

We'd also like to mention that we currently have more than 1400 records reduced by 30% in our store, within the jazz, soul, disco and funk sections. Store only, no mailorder...

Last but not least, keep an eye out for our next Big Update on the 1st of March. We'll be adding lots of rare, exclusive and exciting records in all genres, so keep your eyes peeled to the new arrivals section of the website! 


One of the best soul/disco LPs around with two stunning tracks in "It ain't no big thing" and "Make it last forever".

Very rare LP with great songs by Charles Murphy and Edwin Hawkins, made by the National Office for Black Catholics.

One of Frankie Paul's better albums, with the heavy "Rolling stone" and deep lovers tune "If I had a wing". 

Far out jazz with the deep, spiritual "First world" and jazz dancer "Children".  

Early Isleys with a raw r&b sound on "I say love" and "Twist & shout".

Sealed copy of this rare and strong soul LP, essential if you like Alice Clark and Marlena Shaw.

Rare and great Canadian modern soul/boogie from 1982 with at least three winners.

Heavy synth Italo from 1984 by ex-punk girl Jo Squillo.

Scarce UK original of this far-eastern sounding jazz LP.

Kool & The Gangs first and hardest to find LP with plenty of funk classics.

Great James Brown produced funk from 1977 on rare white label promo 7".

Indie soul from 1989 with a freaky cover (back cover even scarier than the front) and two good two step slowies.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Side Effect, Machi Oul, Mark Holder and more

Plenty of great records added this week, fairly well spread across genres. The Side Effect LP is a huge office favorite and comes highly recommended. Other nice titles include jazz from Buck Clarke & Machi Oul, classic deep house from Larry Heard & Theo Parrish, hip hop from Mad Skillz & Raekwon, and rare island funk from Mark Holder. Also a new LP from Nicole Willis - if you liked her previous material, this will not disappoint.

Below are examples of this week's rarer stuff, to follow all the records we list please check the New In Stock-section on our website.

Don't miss the soul mix from Carl Hedberg that we just put up in the mixes section. Stunning sweet, modern & crossover soul tracks over 80+ mins.

Have a nice weekend! /Record Mania crew

Superb and very rare soul LP from 1973 that only came out on promo.

 Rare album with the awesome percussive 60s jazz dancer "Feel" and a good version of "Night in Tunisia".

Sealed copy of this scarce modern soul album with the great "Lovers holiday" and "Love ain't easy".

Progressive and beat heavy Czech psych LP that comes with a 60 page booklet!

Excellent jazz LP with a deep, spiritual vibe and choral vocals. 

Really strong French jazz LP from 1975 with the deep "Leyendas de nahuelbuta" and "Bolerito".

One of my favorite hip hop LPs of all time with killer tunes as "It's goin down" and "The nod factor".

Rare LP from Trinidad with the amazing, laidback funk track "Music turns me on".

"Gonna love you more" breezy soul/AOR track with a very laidback vibe!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Record Mania Mix 12 - Carl Hedberg presents Family Circle!

New mix from our poster boy. Sweet, crossover & modern soul, and one tear-jerking country ballad to end the proceedings. He likes it a lot, hope you will too.


Richard Dimples Fields - One Bad Habit (Dat Richfield Kat LP)
Earl White Jr - Very Special Girl (Cygnet 45)
Nancy Wilson - I'm Gonna Let Ya (Capitol 45)
Sisters From The Ghetto - What Made You Change Your Mind (Emulate 45)
Ray Alexander Technique - Save Me (Harlem Sound LP)
New Sounds - Tell Me Your Name (Turbo LP)
Ty Karim - Lightin' Up (Romark 45)
Soul Injection - Stay Off The Moon (Accent 45)
Greg Perry - Come On Down (Casablanca 45)
Love Committee - Tired Of Being Your Fool (Gold Mind 45)
Corey Blake - How Can I Go On Without You (Capitol 45)
Optimistics - Should I Let Myself Go (Turbo LP)
Fontella Bass - I'm Leaving The Choice To You (Paula 45)
Dells - Closer (Cadet 45)
Monica Higgins - It's The Real Thing (United Artists 45)
Pacesetters - Lovin' (Fantasy 45)
Staple Singers - Trippin' On Your Love (Stax LP)
Ambassadors - You Gave Me Somebody To Love (Arctic LP)
Edge Of Daybreak - Eyes Of Love (Bohannon's LP)
Domestic Five - It's An Empty World (Aquarius 45)
East 14th And East 14th Street Band - Now And Then (One Way 45)
Krystal - False Alarm (Magic Touch 45)
Gilberto Cruz - Baby Baby (Tico LP)
Right Track - Baby I Love You (True Soul LP)
Frank Thomas - Love You Deep Or Not At All (Dailey 45)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Peter Rock, Contrast, Paradise, Hip Hop, Jazz LPs & more!

Well over 400 records listed this week including loads of hip hop LPs & 12"s from a collection we've just bought. Plenty of nice jazz too with fine originals from Jerome Richardson, Freddie Redd, Johnny Lytle and more. From the soul/funk/disco section we have rare LPs from Contrast, Paradise and some Island funk records and a big number of disco 12"s in all price ranges. Below are examples of this week's rarer stuff, to follow all the records we list please check the New In Stock-section on our website.

Have a nice weekend! /Lars & crew

Seldom seen modern soul/boogie LP including the killer track "Foreigner of love"! Also holds a ballad version of Al Wilson's "Show and tell".

French only trio album from 1971 in lovely shape.

"No problem" alltime jazz dance favorite. US stereo original, UAJS 15006.

Soul album produced by Clarence Reid in a style that reminds me of Johnnie Taylor. Very hard to find these days.

His rarest album with the outstanding jazzdance classic "Selim".

UK only LP with killer 80s soul/boogie in the same style as Light Of The World on "Just Can't Stop" and "One Mind Two Hearts".

Ultra rare electro from Amos Larkins in 1984. Record looks unplayed, really amazing to find this in such condition.

Superb copy of green label mono original with deep groove, RVG in deadwax and number MG-6003.

Raw 70's island funk from Trinidad in the massive "Corantyne".

Obscure indie soul LP from 1989 with the dancefloor track "Torn" and the slowie "Can't get enough".

Hard to find LP out of Trinidad with the heavy duty funk track "Check it out"!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Island 45's, Love People "Sing it again", Appendix "Spacetrip" and many more vinyl records added.

We had a nice package shipped to us this week at Record mania including a few Island funk/soul 45's from Trinidad and Barbados most we never had before. We also bought a small hip hop collection which some of them is added today. As usual some nice soul LP's like Love People at Guiness, Ascots and the indemand Fifth Avenue LP. A few nice jazz pieces by Monica Zetterlund, Bill Dixon at Savoy and the rare Appendix "Spacetrip" album. 

To follow all the records we list please check the New In Stock-section on our website. Here's we list a few of the more exclusive in the blog. Have a nice weekend!

Lars & crew

Soul album from 1981 on the same label as Leo's Sunshipp but ten times rarer. Contains the great two stepper "Miracles" and the modern soul/boogie dancer "Got to take a chance".

"Streets of Calcutta" and "Dancing drums" classic sitar funk tracks that have been big club spins for ages. Indian original.

"Autumn Song" wonderful, melancholic vocal folk/jazz tune covered by Koop on "Waltz for koop". Strong album in general.

Lovely island funk on a 45 out of Trinidad!

Leftfield boogie track with a dark groove! Flip is a feel-good boogie dancer that does what it says.

Fantastic LP, one of the best disco albums ever - "I know you will", "You got that something", "Dancing into the stars" and the LP only "Lay it on the line" are all killer!

Great soul album on this collectible label including the killer crossover track "Love and affection" and the beautiful "You don't want my love".

Sealed US original of wonderful modal album with two masterpieces in "Let's play" and "Bostwick's little bag".

Killer disco funk from Barbados. Darker and IMO better version of the Tony Wilson classic. Their "Check It Out" / "Our Love Is True" 45 was also listed today.