Friday, May 25, 2012

Jazz, disco, soul 45's and spring sale!

Another 250 records added today, pretty much jazz but a bit of everything really. A few of the more exclusive one's.

Ultra rare soul/funk album with vocals from Donna Allen.

Stereo original in fine shape of this superb classic.

Lovely trio jazz from this genius. Dutch original at Riverside.

Chicago all stars - Nowhere to run / The Blood
Tough Northern soul tune.

Original stereo issue.

Mono original of this indemand album.

Killer funky fusion, Finnish only album.

Deep soul album that was over a decade since last time in stock.

Dub disco monster, so great!

Cool DJ album, UK original.

Keni Burke - Risin' to the top
Us promo original of this essential summer pearl.

Little Willie John - I'm shakin' - King
Catchy R&B winner.

Monica Zetterlund - Ahh Monica
Classic vocal jazz album.

Patti Jo - Ain't no love lost
Wonderful soul/funk club favorite.

Pop workshop - Song of the pterodactyl
Fusion/prog indemander.

Staffan Abeleen quintet - Persepolis
Fantastic Swedish jazz classic.


Our Spring sale continues, this week we have lowered the prices at 20-60% at 560 titles. We're not going out of business it's just that we want to move records that has been in stock a little bit too long. That way we get space to add all new incoming stock. Some records are now as cheap as 15 sek and it's also some rare pieces that has been reduced. We have lowered prices this week at:


Among others a copy of this classic has had reduced prices. 198 other records just reduced in this section, click at the jazz link to see.

Lowered from 900 sek to 600 sek.


Just reduced price of a super clean copy of this. 186 other records just reduced in this section click at the link below.

Lowered from 1500 to 1200 sek.


A few examples of rare titles that has been reduced. 95 records reduced at this section.

Lowered from 5000 sek to 4500. 

Lowered from 1500 to 1200 sek.

Lowered from 3800 to 2800 sek. 


Including a clean copy of this gangsta rarity. Click at the hip hop section to see reduced prices.

415 - Life style as a gangsta


Lowered from 700 to 500 sek. 


Lowered from 750 to 600 sek.

Next week we will lower the price at the soul section and after that we are finished with this succesfull Spring sale. Have a nice weekend! Lars

Friday, May 18, 2012

Impulse jazz, Colombian cumbia, Jazz EP's + more.

Today we have added about 250 records including 6 nice Impulse originals in clean shape by Shepp & Coltrane, plus 20 cumbia and latin records from Colombia. 20-25 jazz EP's and some hip hop, reggae, disco of course. Here's a few of the highlights:

Mono og in lovely shape. Several other Impulse originals added today from a nice collection just bought. 

Electronic disco classic.

Female 80's boogie.

Killer version of "Rapper's delight" from Brazil

Great Columbian cumbia album, several more cumbia LP's added today.

Killer Swedish only jazz EP with the superb "Taboo". 20-25 more jazz ep's just added.

Two step soul 12 first time in stock.

Rare soul/funk album that has a rough sound.

Clean US mono original of this classic. 


We continue to go through our stock and put the prices down at records that that has been in stock a bit too long. This week we have gone through the following sections and put prices down to as little as 15 sek.

It's about 35-40% of the stock in those sections that has had the prices put down. Thanks for the great response to last weeks reduced prices! Next week we will take care of the European jazz and the Funk sections. Shop is open today and Saturday as usual. Take care, Lars 

Friday, May 11, 2012

250 records added

Some nice reggae, odd French hip hop and the usual soul and jazz records added this week. Here's a few of the highlights. 

Library LP with the killer proto techno track "Transvesuvian".

Amazing modal jazz classic, always indemand. 

Popular French only album mix of deep and free jazz.

Brilliant vocal/bossa album. Clean og copy. 

Great latin album with a diverse sound but all quality. 

Huge disco classic.

Soul club bomb.

Amazing disco/reggae crossover track that stands out.

European only funk album.

Indemand dub album, lovely cover as well.

Welcome repress of this indemand funky jazz album from Sun Ra sideman. 

Spacy Italo disco.

Private pressed funk album. 

Seldom seen reggae 45.

Beatheads favorite.

Classy jazz album with Bosko Petrovic. 


We have started to go through our stock and putting the prices down at records that have been in stock a little too long. We will go through all sections the nearest weekS and put the prices down with 30-60% at over 1000 titles. Plenty of records are as cheap as 15 Sek each!. This week we have started with these sections.

To get posted all records we add sign up for the weekly newsletter here:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Record Mania Mix 7 - May 2012

A soul mix by Carl Hedberg who is normally found behind the counter at the Recordmania shop. Here's a bunch of personal favorites, from the cheap to the rare.
Crossover, group harmony, modern soul and two step over 77 mins.

Download the mix right here! (Sendspace link)


Shirley Lake - True Love - Parral 45
Candi Bars - You're The One - Candy Stix 45
Specials - You Stood Me Up - Satch 45
Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit 45
Tomorrow's People - Lovers To Friends - Stage Prod LP
Icemen - How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You - ABC 45
Jocelyn Brown - If I Can't Have Your Love - Posse 45
Seville - Show Me The Way - Kayo 45
Willie Hutch - Just Another Day - Motown 45
Darius - Hello Stranger - Chartmaker 45
Jerry Warren - I Really Love You - Latosia 12"
Ollie Nightingale - I Don't Know Why I Love You - Memphis 45
Satin - Your Love's Got Me - Shell 45
Whatnauts - She's Gone To Another - Stang LP
Family Circle - Mariya - Sky Disc LP
Depths Of Love - I Just Can't Find A Love - Sage 45
Sweet And Innocent - Express Your Love - Active 45
Deniece Chandler - Good Bye Cruel World - Toddlin Town 45
Darling Dears - And I Love You - Flower City 45
Al Williams - The Other Side Of Your Love - Crajon 45
Positive Change - This Is Where I'll Be (Till You Return) - Fortress LP
Spinners - You Go Your Way - Atlantic 45
Bernadette Bascom - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love - Solidarity 45