Monday, March 29, 2010

Website up again

The server problem we had that caused our website to go down for most of today is now fixed. It's possible that some e-mails got lost during the time the webiste and our database was down. So in case you're not getting an answer the next couple of days, please contact us again! I'm sorry for any problems this has caused our customers, but this was a major problem that affected many Swedish websites. Our server provider had a cable cut off by accident. I include a link (in Swedish) from our server provider.
Lars Larsson. Avgrävd kabel slog mot Sydsverige

Problem with the server

Today 100329 we're having problem with our server so website is down temporarily. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow. Lars Larsson.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebay too big for their own good.

I got message from ebay about their new fee's regarding our ebay listings. To quote:

"Just a quick reminder that our lowest Insertion Fees ever are almost here! Starting March 30, the upfront cost of selling on eBay is about to be dramatically reduced".

It looks like good news doesn't it? Just like last time I got an optimistic email from ebay regarding reduced fee's they reduce one fee and raise all the others. Now with the new fee's it's roughly 2 % higher than before which already was incredible expensive. We have same stock at our ebay store and at our website but at ebay we have to add 18% plus that we include the shipping cost so it makes it much more expensive at our ebay store. For the best deal please buy from our website and you and I both save some money. Since the website is linked with our ebaystore it goes away within seconds if anyone buys so everything that's available to buy is available at both sites. I'm looking forward to when ebay get's some competion as they obviously think that they can raise their fee's all the time and keep all the sellers.

At the positive side I must thank all customers for the great response to our last "Big update". We had our second best selling day ever which feels great. Thank you, Lars Larsson.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



We have today added about 500 rare records to the stock. Here's a sampler of some of the titles. The soul LP and 45's section is especially strong this update. Enjoy! Lars

Mark IV - Take this love / If you can't tell me something good - Brite Lite 12"

H. Andrews congregation - Inner thoughts - Balance LP

First Class - Same - Sugar Hill LP

Brief Encounter - We want to play - Dream Production LP

Hollygrove - New Orleans best kept secret - Home Brew LP

Retta Young - Young & restless - All Platinum LP

On Coming Times - Introducing the on coming - Turbo LP

James Mason - Rhythm of life - Chiaroscuro LP

Tru Tones - Power struggle - Tru Disc LP

Lord Finesse - Baby you nasty / Track the movement - Wild Pitch 12"

Freddie McKay - A lonely man - Dynamic LP


Clifford Brown Sextet - New star on the horizon - Blue Note 10"

Billy Parker's Fourth World - Freedom of speech - Strata-East LP

Positive Force With Ade Olatunji - Oracy - Pamoja LP

Reggie Andrews & The Fellowship - Mystic beauty - HME LP

Sonny Clark - Dial "S" for Sonny - Blue Note LP

Mixed Bags - Same / First album - Tribe LP

Malachi Thompson - The seventh son - RA LP

Jörn Elniff - Music for mice and men - Debut LP

Frank Hernandez - El pavo - Souvenir LP

7" / EPs

Gaturs - Gator bait - Gatur 7"

Brief Encounter - Human / Total satisfaction - Sound Plus 7"

Charles Holiday - Don't lie / I'm warning you - Playboy 7"

Unique Blend - Yes I'm in love / Old fashioned woman - Eastbound 7"

Arnold Blair - Trying to get next to you - Gemigo 7"

Wizdom - I'm so in love with you / Love was really meant for you - Drive 7"

Alemayehu Eshete & All Star Band - Temeheret bete / Denyew deneba - AMHA 7"

Bernt Rosengren - The new beat generation - Sonet EP

Friday, March 19, 2010

New in stock

Highlight this week include some disco stuff like:
Rockin' horse - Same
Halloween - Come see what it's all about
Universal energy - Disco energy

A Detroit Juan Atkins techno classic:
Channel one - Technicolor

Soul/rare groove highlights are:

Leroy Hutson two best Lp's for me "II" and "Hutson"
Mary Mundy - Love is gone
Nineteenth whole - Smilin
Doris Duke - Woman
Solid Solution - Loving you
Van Dykes - Tellin' it like it is - Lovely soul LP in pure Impressions style.

Several beautiful highquality Japanese reissues and a few original Japanese releases. For example:
Ann Sexton - The Beginning - With material from both the original "The Beginning" LP and her ultra rare "Loving you, loving me" LP.
Ovations - Sweet thing - Japanese only LP
Barney Wilen - Tilt - Japanese reissue of ultra rare French only LP. (I know there's an original copy is about 2000 meter from the shop.
Danser's inferno - Creation one - Rare groove classic here reissued with the original cover.

A few European jazz/bossa records like:
Börje Fredriksson - Intervall - A cheaper copy that plays good but looks bad.
Lisa Lynn - Scandinavian souvenir

Hip hop like:
Gravediggaz - 6 feet deep
Popular Swedish hip hop like:
Looptroop - Modern day city symphony
El Sheriffo

Don't miss that it will be Big update next week Thursday 25th. We will add something like 500 rare and indemand records. I think it looks to be one of our best Big updates in a long time. Take care, Lars

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rare groove classics added.

My favorites that have been added to the stock today are some rare groove classics like Cymande's awesome self titled LP that I never get tired of and Fabulous Counts "Jan Jan". Meirelles' fine Japanese reissue of this indemand and very good Brasilian jazz LP, Elroy Bailey in the reggae style and Coke Escovedo's soul/break LP "Comin at ya". Don't miss "Let me love you" by Clausel either. Stay tuned for even more next week, hundreds of new records from our latest buying trip in the States!