Friday, August 29, 2014

29/8 - Hip Hop, Disco, Funk Jazz and Breaks

Friday is here, and we're trying to brighten your weekend with some Hip-Hop, but also Disco, Funk Jazz and Breaks. The Hip-Hop section might have been a bit thin lately, but here's to changing that, and bringing along some of the classic breaks and such responsible for many of the tunes people have been rapping over for years.

The third issue of Jazz Är Farligt will also be dropped off in our store later today, this time it's an election special featuring Bo Anders Persson, Tant Strul, Fläsket Brinner and more - with wise words from these artists for you to reflect upon before the upcoming election. The price is no more than 10 kr, so be sure to pick up a copy of this lovingly crafted fanzine when you're here!

We also have the 59th issue of Wax Poetics, with articles on Aaliyah, Rinder & Lewis, Blu and many more interesting musicians.

We've also stocked up on some reissues that we haven't had in a while, along with some new, quality stuff. Especially noteworthy might be the Afro-stuff like the Tabu Ley and Keyboard, but don't miss out on the beautiful Fela Kuti-reissues!

Have a look at some of the more exclusive records below, and see all new records on our New in stock-page! Don't forget to join our Facebook-group as well.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Free jazz and more!

Today we offer some fine free jazz and avant garde albums including the mammoth box "Avantgarde Vol 4" on Deutsche Grammophon, a handful of Sun Ra-albums, Bengt Ernryd "Musik", ICP Tentet "Tenterett" and a lot more.

We also have some soul classics like Odyssey, Rhetta Hughes, Gloria Jones and Soul Generation plus a big bunch of soul and disco cheapies listed earlier this week.

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all new arrivals on our New In Stock-section.

Next week's update will be a big one focusing on Hip Hop, Breaks/Samples, Disco, House and Funk Jazz.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Latin, Afro, Reggae, Brazil and Soul 7"s!

Today we focus on Latin, Afro, Reggae and Brazilian stuff. Highlights include classic LPs from Bennito Sextet, Candido, Joe Torres, Mauricio Smith, Ray Terrace, Jorge Ben, Keith Hudson, Burning Spear, Johnny Clarke etc. We can also offer some excellent African 45s from prolific artists like Mahmoud Ahmed, Menelik Wossenachew and Geraldo Pino.

On top of that, we have listed a big bunch of (mostly cheap) soul, funk and disco 7"s.

Check the pictures below for examples or see all new arrivals on our New In Stock-section.

Next week's focus will be Free Jazz!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly update 140808: Jazz!

After last week's rock and soul update today we return to jazz territories with records on classic labels as Riverside, Contemporary, Verve, Atlantic, Savoy and odd records on other labels as "Dizzy Atmosphere" on Speciality featuring Al Grey and Lee Morgan, Seldon Powell on Royal Roost, rare piano trio in "The Many Moods of The Al Waslon Trio" on private label Alda and many more.

Check the pictures below for examples or see all new arrivals on our New In Stock-section.

Next week we will have some Latin, Brazil, Reggae and Afro stuff plus other fine records in all sections.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Rock, prog, blues plus soul 7"s and more!

Today we offer a big bunch of rock records with classics from big names as Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, a few blues records and some Swedish stuff like Hansson & Karlsson, Philemon Arthur & the Dung and a lot more!

Also some soul, funk and disco like the Shadow LP with the monster "Let's Get Together", rare modern soul in Rumpel-Stilts-Sink plus some soul 7"s and disco 12"s and classic funk and soul albums.

Next week we'll return for more jazz!

Check the pictures below for examples or see all new arrivals on our New In Stock-section.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

25/7 - Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Keith Jarrett, ECM, Steeplechase, Enja...

Less records than normal this week as we are low on staff during holidays. What we do have is a big chunk of records from jazz giants Miles Davis & Chet Baker, many albums from Keith Jarrett, plus lots of titles from the ECM, Steeplechase and Enja labels.

A little soul & funk added too, including the Hi-Five LP and a monster version of "Sex Machine" by the might Rail Band! 
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Only fitting to congratulate Record Mania friend Karl Marthon on his birthday today - what better way to pay tribute to this master fisherman than by listening to his new soul mix - All Girls, All Soul part 3 which can be found in our blog. Strongly endorsed music!

Next week we'll turn to a rock/prog/blues focus.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Karl Marthon mix - All Soul, All Girls part 3

More female soul excellence from Stockholm soul & fishing supremo Karl Marthon. If you heard the previous volumes, you will know what to expect: terrific soul music, from cheapies to ultra rarities.

Pat Livingston – You bet I would – Money 45
Pat Stallworth - Questions (Part 1) - Fly-By-Nite 45
Three Ounces of Love - In the middle of the feeling - Motown LP
Fragile: Handle With Care - Loving (Sweet thing) - Exit Six 6 45
Thomas Sisters feat Nellie Thomas - Hey pretty boy Part 1 - Sassy 45
Sisters Love - You've got to make the choice - Mowest 45
Carol Anderson - It shouldn't happen to a dog - Mid-Town 45
Norma & the Heartaches - Nice and slow - Joy Ride 45
Liza Mae - I got a juice mouth baby - Concept 45
Marlene King - Throwing stones - Najma 45
Angela Davis - Please don't desert me - Flaming Arrow LP
Krash Band with Evelyn Holder - So I can make this change - Liberated 45
Sandy Brockington - Girl in distress - Bengee 45
Brenda Jones - Big mistake - Mercury
Idris Muhammad (Vocals by Sakina Muhammad) - I'm a believer - Prestige LP
Honey Cone feat Sharon Cash - Somebody is always messing up a good thing - Hot Wax 45
Tasha Thomas - Stay with me (Disco) - Buddah 45
Linda Jones - Love pillow - SOA 45
Nia Johnson - I'll be your pleasure - Main Line 45
Barbara Lewis - Ask the lonely - Enterprise 45
Emotions - I could never be happy - Volt 45
Emotions - I love you but I'll leave you - Twin Stacks 45
Barbara Brown - Pity a fool - MGM Sounds of Memphis 45
Carla Thomas - Love among people - Stax 45