Friday, January 7, 2011

Plenty of rare and exclusive records added to the stock.

We had another one of our "Big updates" earlier this week plus that we added some more records after just after the "Big update" so we have lots of nice stuff added. Here's a few examples of the more exclusive titles:

Albert Ayler - Bells - Esp 

Barney Wilen - Tilt - Top euro jazz title, not mint for sure but still decent. 

Benny Bailey - Soul eyes - Saba classic and nice shape. 

Billy Parker - Freedom of speech - Strata east magic.

Black blowing flowers - Human glow - Obscure disco/fusion LP, euro only. 

Nice stuff I dare to say myself and a nice start for 2011 that I hope will be a year when we will get more great collections and find more lost treasures from all over the globe. Thanks, Lars