Friday, October 26, 2012

Soul/funk 7"s, Japan originals, Lee McDonald, Earl Moseley, Rodriguez!

Monster update this week with over 450 records added! Great records in all sections with several top titles such as Lee McDonald, Earl Moseley, Lee Moses, Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble and Rodriguez "Cold Fact". Check below for more of this week's rarer stuff.

Some 80 soul and funk 7"s listed ranging from cheapies to rarities such as Family Tree and Pep Brown, please read further down for more examples.

There are also about 25 Japanese originals listed this week, mainly jazz but also a few soul LPs, examples below as always.

Have a nice weekend! Lars & crew

Very rare original press of one of the most wanted soul albums around the world with top tracks as "I'll Do Anything", "We've Only Just Begun" and "Gotta Get Home".

Wonderful jazz classic with a stunning version of "In A Sentimental Mood". US stereo original.

Private pressed LP with the spacey funk/fusion tune "Fly In The Soup".

Trippy, spiritual album with the psych-y downtempo funk "Here Comes The Family".

Nigerian original of Fela album from 1992, two more Fela-albums listed this week.

Killer rare groove tune b/w the great proto house-y "Nightgruv"!

Monster boogie with a soulful vocal.

US original of this indemand album!

Very rare soul/funk LP with the rough "Time and Place" and the great soul tune "What You Don't Want Me To Be".

Great Tribe-album with the amazing "Space Odyssey" and "Glue fingers".

Hard to find-album from 2003, one of several Moodymann records listed this week.

Killer private press jazz rarity from Ohio prison band!

Tribe album from 1974 with Marcus Belgrave & Wendell Harrison.

One of the most talked-about LPs at the moment and here's the US original! Including the folk/soul track "Sugar Man".

Rare advertisment 7" including an awesome 60s jazz track with Sahib Shihab.



 Brilliant soul/rare groove classic!


Very nice versions of Minnie Riperton tracks.


Top draw deep funk instrumental.


Two brilliant soul sides, one for the dancers and one for Sunday at home.


Just an excellent modern soul track!



Rare and great jazz with spiritual parts. Features Billy Harper and Sonny Fortune.


One of the best vocal jazz LPs money can buy. Japanese only, and this is the first issue.


Lovely spiritual jazz set, Japan only. 

 Japanese original of Blue Note session from 1962.

Japanese only LP with material from 1957 feat. Sonny Clark, Paul Chambers and Art Farmer.

"Ode to Name" killer jazz cut on this Japanese only LP!

Soul/jazz/fusion LP with great versions of Herbie Hancock tracks. "Tell me a bedtime story" is lovely. 

Japanese LP with very different-sounding versions of "Take five" and "Harlem nocturne".

Record Mania Mix 11 - All soul, all girls part 2

Mister Marthon's follow up to the "All soul, all girls"-mix you can find here.

Brandye - You accuse me - Kayvette 45
Overholt, Tate & Phillips - Day light - Kiras Musical Works LP
Full Speed - It must be love - Real Thing 45
Bobbie Williams - Singing love, happiness and peace - Stanson 45
Viola Wills - I've got news for you - Supreme 45
Sweet Mixture - House of fun and love - Bazar 45
Beverly Hills - I don't care anymore - Fair Play 45
Burton Inc - Groovin' in the night club - Charli-Barbara LP
Sequins - The third degree - Fantasy 45
Masterminds / Lady Bianca - Stop telling me lies - Reynolds 45
Young Ladies - I'm tired of running around - Stang 45
Cheryl Williams - Everybody's happy but me - Bengee 45
Pat & Pam - I'm the one who loves you - Our own 45
Barbara Blake & the Uniques - Superman - 20th Century LP
Hodges, James & Smith - Love your sexy ways - 20th Century 45
Cavril Payne - When I open my eyes - Ruval LP
Penny Goodwin - What's goin on - Sidney LP
Marva Whitney - The girls in love with you - King 45
Linda Lewis - So many mysteries to find - Arista 45
Royal Flush - Goddess of love - GEC 45
Soft Touch - Is this the way to treat a guy you bet it is - Shout 45
Freda Payne - Two wrongs don't make a right - Invictus 45
Lee Staton - Ain't love funny that way - Omari 12"

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hip hop albums, Milton Wright, Dave Burns + Sale

Nice update this week with a big bunch of original press Hip Hop-albums, Milton Wright's "Friends and Buddies", some fine jazz originals and much more. Below are examples of this weeks rarer albums as well as some of the Hip Hop-albums from this week. We have also continued to lower prices on parts of the stock, read below for more info. Have a nice weekend!

/ Lars & crew

Massive soul/funk classic, this is the very first issue without added synthesizers and "Nobody Can Touch You" instead of "Keep It Up".

Huge party classic on pretty rare 12".

Rough funk/soul LP only released in Europe.

Strong early 60s jazz album, red label mono original.

"Camara" excellent funky fusion on French LP from 1978.

Very rare mono original of 50s jazz album with Kenny Dorham, Kenny Drew and more. RLP 12-222.

Killer laidback breakbeat funk on "Karnaval".

Spiritual/avantgarde Japan only live set with Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers & Max Roach.

"Keep On Moving" bad disco funk on pretty rare album.

UK album from 1972 with the great tracks "Atlas" and Oye".

Rare 50s jazz, deep groove/flat edge mono original.

Rare album with an awesome latin/funk version of "Jungle Fever".

PRLP 7196, US Bergenfield original.


Dark indie sound on this 2001 album, US original.

Great album from 2000.

Huge classic, killer from start to end.

Dark and though album from 1995.

Hard to find EP on the German Mummy-label.

Great leftfield album from MF Doom.

Monster album, US original.

Hot MF Doom album from 2003.

Rare and much wanted album from 1995.


This week we have continued to lower the prices on everything from rare and expensive records to cheap but good albums (in some cases to as low as 15 SEK). Click the links below to check the sections with this weeks price reductions:

Lowered from 3500 SEK to 2500 SEK.

Lowered from 1700 SEK to 1400 SEK 

Lowered from 1800 SEK to 1500 SEK