Friday, May 11, 2012

250 records added

Some nice reggae, odd French hip hop and the usual soul and jazz records added this week. Here's a few of the highlights. 

Library LP with the killer proto techno track "Transvesuvian".

Amazing modal jazz classic, always indemand. 

Popular French only album mix of deep and free jazz.

Brilliant vocal/bossa album. Clean og copy. 

Great latin album with a diverse sound but all quality. 

Huge disco classic.

Soul club bomb.

Amazing disco/reggae crossover track that stands out.

European only funk album.

Indemand dub album, lovely cover as well.

Welcome repress of this indemand funky jazz album from Sun Ra sideman. 

Spacy Italo disco.

Private pressed funk album. 

Seldom seen reggae 45.

Beatheads favorite.

Classy jazz album with Bosko Petrovic. 


We have started to go through our stock and putting the prices down at records that have been in stock a little too long. We will go through all sections the nearest weekS and put the prices down with 30-60% at over 1000 titles. Plenty of records are as cheap as 15 Sek each!. This week we have started with these sections.

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