Friday, May 21, 2010

Killer stuff added this week. Highlights among the 400 records we have added this week are:


Eric Dolphy - Last date - Dutch original 
Gilbert Holmström - Utan misstankar - Indemand Gothenburg jazz! 
George Melvin - Live from G.T. brooks.. - A truly killer, mellow track hidden away at this one. 
Gugge Hedrenius - Choose now - Indemand LP that's getting more and more expensive. 
Marion Browne - In sommerhausen - Plenty more records with him in stock as well. 


Bobby Byrd - I need help - Classic!
Idris Muhammad - Express yourself - Rare Prestige 45 
Lee Shot Williams - Our thing is through - Funk club bomb, long time since I saw one. 
Mickey & the soul generation - Both Iron leg and Joint session in stock.
Soul Toranodoes - Hot pants breakdown - Ace classic!


Gary Bartz - I've known rivers - Masterpiece, no doubt.
Cannonball Adderley - Soul of the bible - The best of  his funky LP's.   


Brenda & the tabulations - Dry your eyes 
Kenny Hamber - Never found a girl  - Good modern soul


Ray Barretto - Right on - Party stormer. 


Triste Janero - Meet Triste Janero - Wonderful LP, rare original, scratched but plays fine. 


Johnny Clarke - Put it on - UK original with this lovely singer.

Hip hop

Ghetto boys - Making trouble
Viktor Vaughn - Venomous villain


Something special - Funky dancer
Funky - Funky stop 

And some essential reissues

Twilight - Both their LP's reissued. Still loving you and Pains of love 
Roy Brooks - Ethnic expressions- Jazzman release in the holy grail series. 

As you see we add rare records every week. To quote a succesful ebay seller "You're definitely wrong" if you think we save all rare records to our big update! Lars Larsson.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Record Mania Mix 5 - All soul, all girls

Record Mania Mix 5

For your home listening pleasure - a new all girl, all soul mix courtesy of former Record Mania employee Karl Marthon.

Sarah Vaughn - Inner city blues - Mainstream 45
Zulema - You're so empty - Rca LP
Martha Reeves - Really like your rap - Fantasy 45
Geraldine Hunt - Never, never leave me - Roulette 45
Jeanette (Baby) Washington - Cup (runneth over) - Sixth Avenue 45
Cynthia Brown - Heaven must have sent you - Qiana 45
Phylliss Bailey - Focus - Americom LP
Betty Everett - Keep it up - Fantasy LP
Pat & Pam - Hey love - Day Dreaming 45
Marsha Wilson - Love is gonna get you - Quadrastone 45
4th Kingdom - Gotta get to you - C.O.R.E. 45
Lezli Valentine - I won't do anything - All Platinum 45
Little Mary Staten - Steppin' stone - GME 45
Shirelles - There's a storm going on in my heart - Blue Rock 45
Eleanore Mills - I'm gonna get you - Astroscope LP
Linda Jones (w/ Whatnauts) - I'm so glad I found you - Turbo LP
Delores Hall - Sha-la bandit - Rca LP
Irene Reid - Moon dance - Polydor LP
Martha Reeves - Second chance - Arista LP
Alma Faye Brooks - Thank you - Rca 45
Maxine Brown - Bella mia - Avco 45
Rita Wright - Something on my mind - Gordy 45
Peggy Scott - Things have more meaning now - Old Town 45

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buying records from lawyers sucks!

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A week ago we bought a huge jazz collection including many nice pieces from Impulse, Blue Note, Strata-East, Steeplechase, ECM etc that we will add to the stock the nearest months. The majority of the records are in lovely shape between EX and NM. We will also have a jazz sale of the cheaper stock in the store for only 30 kr each or 4 records for 100 kr starting the 5 of May.

I always get a rush of happiness when I buy a huge stock of great records, but this collection came with a bitter aftertaste. The reason was because I was going to make the payment to a lawyer firm that took care of the money for the collection. The lawyer called me up to arrange how the transaction of the money was going to be done and she said tersely that I should pay to a account and I of course couldn't pick up the records before payment was done. I got irritated by her attitude, so I said that I wanted to pay with a bankdraft that I could hand her directly and one of my employees could pack the collection during the same time. The answer I got was "Are you afraid of getting ripped off?". I said I wanted the same security that she wanted from me. We arranged a meeting one of the following days under her deep sighs. I came of course in time to the fancy address in one of the most expensive areas in Sweden. I rang the doorbell..... 5 minutes I had to wait outside the door while ringing the doorbell 5-6 times. During the whole time I could hear people talking just inside the door. Finally they opened up I saw that the snobby receptionist sat just inside the door inside a crammed office. The lawyer didn't greet me but asked for the bank draft. Then she carefully examined the bank draft in an exaggerated way for 20 seconds. She called up the bank that pledged the bank draft in front of me and asked if there was any chance that it could be fake or not valid. When she got some opposition from the bank personnel on phone, she said with a voice of authority that she was a lawyer (like that had anything to do with the matter). When she had got clear that the bank draft was valid she gave a transfer papper to sign. I then saw that my name was written out wrong and I also asked for a valid registration number as I need as a proof of the spending for tax reasons. She changed it under deep sighs and I left without any greetings to go and get the records.

I got so pissed of by the attitude from the lawyer firm lady that I of course planned my revenge. I wrote a letter to the bar disciplinary board to complain, but I also googled this rude arrogant lawyer which I had met and found out that she indeed was a member of the disciplinary board. What chance do I have then to send in a complain to the same board! I think it's scary when an asshole like this is the one that has the task to make sure good lawyer practice is done in contact with clients. Similarly as it's scary when aapolicemen or a judge obviously use their power from their work for personal favours. I hope I never have to meet a lawyer professionally in my life if this is a standard of their attitude to other human beings. Anyway we have good jazz records to add to the stock for months.