Friday, November 18, 2011

Soul and avantgarde

Another nice batch of records updated maybe best at soul LP's but also some odd avantgarde/experimental albums. I think the last weeks we have building up the soul LP section big time and we still have many rare and great albums in stock that we will add as soon as we have time. Here's a few of the highlights today:

Munchener studioorchester - Twilights of bali - Great, cool album, very obscure.

Anthony Reebop Kwaku bah - Afro/rock/jazz indemander.

Bobby Huttton - Piece of the action - Nice soul album, long time since last copy.

Bobby Story - The Story teller - Another great lp by Bobby Paterson.

Two bizarre albums by Dieter Kaufmann, for the mentally instabled only!

Eric Dolphy - Last Date - First UK issue of the even rarer Dutch original. Great album.

Frank Dell - Yesterday's people - Guiness - Northern soul killer "He broke your game wide open".

Linda jones - Let it be me - Superb soul album with that Turbo label magic.

Lee Gagnon - La Jazztek - Great Canadian jazz album.

Mary lou Williams - Sealed original at Mary records. Deep, fine jazz.

Matata - Air fiesta - Rare funk/afro album, uk only.

Natural Four - Good vibes - Debut album from this awesome male group soul group. Their rarest by far and this is almost a perfect copy.

Various / Lars Gunnar Bodin - Text sound compositions 4, Stockholm 1969. Rare electronic experimental lp. We added more odd albums today by Sten Hansson, Åke Permerud, John Gage, Leo Nilsson plus more.

Thanks for this week, more records will be added soon..................