Friday, May 18, 2012

Impulse jazz, Colombian cumbia, Jazz EP's + more.

Today we have added about 250 records including 6 nice Impulse originals in clean shape by Shepp & Coltrane, plus 20 cumbia and latin records from Colombia. 20-25 jazz EP's and some hip hop, reggae, disco of course. Here's a few of the highlights:

Mono og in lovely shape. Several other Impulse originals added today from a nice collection just bought. 

Electronic disco classic.

Female 80's boogie.

Killer version of "Rapper's delight" from Brazil

Great Columbian cumbia album, several more cumbia LP's added today.

Killer Swedish only jazz EP with the superb "Taboo". 20-25 more jazz ep's just added.

Two step soul 12 first time in stock.

Rare soul/funk album that has a rough sound.

Clean US mono original of this classic. 


We continue to go through our stock and put the prices down at records that that has been in stock a bit too long. This week we have gone through the following sections and put prices down to as little as 15 sek.

It's about 35-40% of the stock in those sections that has had the prices put down. Thanks for the great response to last weeks reduced prices! Next week we will take care of the European jazz and the Funk sections. Shop is open today and Saturday as usual. Take care, Lars 

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