Friday, May 25, 2012

Jazz, disco, soul 45's and spring sale!

Another 250 records added today, pretty much jazz but a bit of everything really. A few of the more exclusive one's.

Ultra rare soul/funk album with vocals from Donna Allen.

Stereo original in fine shape of this superb classic.

Lovely trio jazz from this genius. Dutch original at Riverside.

Chicago all stars - Nowhere to run / The Blood
Tough Northern soul tune.

Original stereo issue.

Mono original of this indemand album.

Killer funky fusion, Finnish only album.

Deep soul album that was over a decade since last time in stock.

Dub disco monster, so great!

Cool DJ album, UK original.

Keni Burke - Risin' to the top
Us promo original of this essential summer pearl.

Little Willie John - I'm shakin' - King
Catchy R&B winner.

Monica Zetterlund - Ahh Monica
Classic vocal jazz album.

Patti Jo - Ain't no love lost
Wonderful soul/funk club favorite.

Pop workshop - Song of the pterodactyl
Fusion/prog indemander.

Staffan Abeleen quintet - Persepolis
Fantastic Swedish jazz classic.


Our Spring sale continues, this week we have lowered the prices at 20-60% at 560 titles. We're not going out of business it's just that we want to move records that has been in stock a little bit too long. That way we get space to add all new incoming stock. Some records are now as cheap as 15 sek and it's also some rare pieces that has been reduced. We have lowered prices this week at:


Among others a copy of this classic has had reduced prices. 198 other records just reduced in this section, click at the jazz link to see.

Lowered from 900 sek to 600 sek.


Just reduced price of a super clean copy of this. 186 other records just reduced in this section click at the link below.

Lowered from 1500 to 1200 sek.


A few examples of rare titles that has been reduced. 95 records reduced at this section.

Lowered from 5000 sek to 4500. 

Lowered from 1500 to 1200 sek.

Lowered from 3800 to 2800 sek. 


Including a clean copy of this gangsta rarity. Click at the hip hop section to see reduced prices.

415 - Life style as a gangsta


Lowered from 700 to 500 sek. 


Lowered from 750 to 600 sek.

Next week we will lower the price at the soul section and after that we are finished with this succesfull Spring sale. Have a nice weekend! Lars

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