Friday, February 25, 2011

Killer update today many soul funk records!

Some nice pieces added today. A few of the records are from famous producer/dj/musician Christian Falk.

Nilo Toledo - Jazz in the sun - indemand funk/soul bomb. Rare Hoctor LP. 

Billy Butler - Right track - Alltime classic 60's soul pearl. Hardly ever turns up in Sweden. 

Cal Roberts - All I can say - seldom seen soul LP.

Cloud one - Happy music - disco classic, so popular. 

Ekambi Brillant - Nayo nayo - great afro LP with one very funky track plus another winner.

Ernie Hines - Electrified - With that famous Pete Rock sample of course but also good soul tunes.

Eliminators - Loving explosion - Original issue of this nice soul/funk LP. 

Harvester - Hemåt / Hemat - Swedish prog indemander.

Hyla parker - Joe - Fantastic tune, 2nd issue but still nice piece.

Johnnie Osbourne - Right, right time - Simply stunning track, from Canada's answer to Wackie's = the Summer label. You need to check this out!

Meters - Struttin - Bizarre Jamaican original og that's super heavy and with great sound. 

Michael Cloud - This love I have - Very rare soul/gospel LP. 

Motivation - Steppin' into now - Fine soul hard to get.

Plus plenty of more of course. We are allways interested to buy trade records!