Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly update 28/6 - Bobby Hutton, Bjarne Rostvold , Can, Independent Movement, King James Version, Lee Hazlewood, New York Bass Violin Choir and more...

Record Mania Stockholm being a bit understaffed today and slightly stunned after another week of 28 degrees in our store, so if you want something interesting and/or funny to read you'd better check back another time!
If you think it's too cold outside, drop by and drop a sweat or see the portable AC unit work it's way to an early retirement (poor thing).

We do have some nice records going up for sale this week though, probably strongest in the soul/funk section, but not without treats for our jazz customers and some classic rock titles - and last but not least we keep the hip-hop coming so keep an eye out!

There's also a couple of new releases and re-stocks that recently arrived. Joacim Nyberg of Correction dropped off a new interesting free jazz LP featuring Mats Gustafsson. A package from France landed with a batch of the Grim Reaperz new EP Blood-Leg Vol. 2 - a sure shot if you like classic hip-hop with heavy beats and the verse-scratch hook-verse-repeat formula! Both of these are limited pressings of 500 copies.
180 Proof's reissue of Time by Larry Nozero is also here at last, and we don't expect them to be around for too long. The Awesome Tapes from Africa release by Dur-Dur Band went fast last time, but we've secured a bunch of new copies. We're down to the last few of the amazing Good God - Apocryphal Hymns by Numero Group. Last but not least - if you don't have it already, no home should be without a copy of Heart of the Congos!

See all records added this week with our New in stock-feature:

Or in our newsletter, if you don't already subscribe to it. If you miss out on something you really wanted, remember to add it to your automated want-list. That way you'll get a heads-up the next time we have it in stock.

And take a look at a couple of the more exclusive records below:

Rare Dee Irvin-produced LP with plenty of soul greatness.

Beautifully made Japanese reissue of superb Danish jazz rarity.

Mind-bending psych kraut classic, with "Mushroom" and "Hallelujah".

Great Bartz-LP with the wonderful "Love tones".

Obscure indie soul/boogie album from 1988, only released in plain sleeve.

Plenty of funky breaks on this jazz dance instruction LP on the collectible Hoctor-label.

Amazing soulful disco, only available on this US promo 12". Rip-roaring vocal, perfect piano & string arrangements and a nice break too!

Strong album with the killer bossa jazz tune "Naquela base".

Obscure looking funk LP with several pieces of interest.

Hard to find Swedish soundtrack from 1975 by the man Hazlewood.

Everlasting soul anthem, never too much to have this on promo 12"!

Classic latin funk LP with the breakbeat nugget "Happy soul" and more.

Great looking Strata East LP from 1980, with previously unreleased material from 69-70. Has a wonderful version of "John Coltrane" among other tunes.

Spiritual and free jazz LP from Sweden with one hell of a take on Grachan Moncur III's "New Africa".

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