Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly update 14/6 - Lee Moses, Caesar Frazier, Waltz for Debby, The Nonce, Sherlock, Nilo Toledo and more...

It's been a hot, rainy and damp week here at Record Mania Stockholm. I don't know how and if that reflects upon the records coming out today, but our customers seem to think our new opening hours are good enough to disregard the climate and come for a quick dig/visit.
The Soul Weekender party that took place at the Lighthouse this weekend was an equally hot success, and we sure hope it will have an even better second time, third time, and so on! A big thank you to the DJ's and soul music aficionados who flew in from all over Europe to be a part of this historical event.

This Friday we have quite a strong update, with a good supply of Hip-Hop (both Swedish stuff like Looptroop, Timbuktu, Sherlock and other popular acts as well as US stuff like Beatnuts, Dudley Perkins and Nonce), some more Jazz and Free Jazz plus some nice Soul and Funk classics.

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And take a look at a couple of the more exclusive records below:

Free jazz with Oliver Lake on Jef Gilson's collectible Palm-label.

Rare Canadian only funk LP with the heavyweight "The strut".

Great funk LP with the Gang Starr sampled "Funk it down".

Afro-inspired jazz fusion with Mongezi Feza and John Stevens.

French original of this wanted LP with the fast club favourite "Malcolm X".

Highly recommended sweet soul double sider!

Deep, haunting Japanese avantgarde jazz from 1975.

Excellent deep/free jazz set from 1975.

Very rare soul/funk LP with the rough "Time & place" and "Hey Joe".

Looptroop's first, and also the hardest to find!

Outstanding vocal jazz LP, in unusually great shape!

Killer album from 1995, with "Bus stops" and "Mix tapes".

Very sought-after funk LP, and probably the most wanted on Hoctor!

Scarce Swedish 12" from 1996.

Awesome, moving funk club monster, with great midtempo soul on the flip!

Classic late 60's Brazilian LP with "Jungle" and a great version of "Amazonas".

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