Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Update 27/9 - Blue Note/Impulse-galore, rare rock/prog-feast sprinkled with soul/funk-highlights

Record Mania Weekly presents: one of our best updates in a long time. 
The jazz section is staying healthy, this time we're adding more Blue Note and Impulse titles than I'm able to count (with plenty that we've never had before), along with some really nice European jazz, free jazz and fusion. Pictures say more than words, but if you enjoy your Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane (both John and Alice) and Yusef Lateef you are very likely to find something you want. Oh, and the Christian Schwindt Quintet - For friends and relatives, is one that you might not see very often...

The soul section might not be as strong in numbers, but has real highlights like the California Playboys, Ballads, Sylvia Striplin LP, Bobby Boyd Congress and more.

What might be the most unusual and interesting sight around our store premises is probably the rock and prog records. Not saying we often have some really good stuff in this section, but there are a couple of rock LP's going live today that very rarely turn up for sale. Most notably the legendary Catapilla - Changes on Vertigo, Fuzzy Duck, Nick Drake's Pink Moon, Boz Scaggs rare Swedish LP, Rävjunk, Gandalf, Asoka and Blueset. 

If you are in Stockholm tomorrow (Saturday 28/9), we also recommend the Sunjay Record Fair in Solna/Solnahallen. Among other sellers from all of Europe, we will be selling records - many of them never previously for sale in our store (due to our limited space). Both cheap and more expensive stuff.
If you are planning on visiting the fair and order something from our website, you can leave a comment when checking out that you want to pick it up at the fair. As long as we have your order before midnight today we'll bring it along if you wish!

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Anyway, enough talking - bring on the photo collages!

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