Friday, September 13, 2013

Kenya 45's and killer jazz like Alan Shorter, Bobby Jaspar and more.

The indian summer here in Stockholm has not kept us from listing another 400 records this week. We've continued working with the recently bought jazz collection so there's a healthy dose of jazz with the tops like John Lewis / Sacha Distel "Afternoon In Paris", International PS Jazz Orchestera on Decca (SLK 16433), Ruben Lopez Furst "Jazz Argentino" and Brazilian Jazz Quartet "Coffee and Jazz".

We also have another batch of Kenyan 7"s that our friend Rickard Masip dug out during his recent trip to Kenya plus some more nice Afro stuff like Seyoum Gebreyes hypnotic "Hame Tegnaw / Yehagere Gene" 7" on Amha. Jungle Rock's stunning soul ballad "Life Is A Gamble" needs a special mention, as do Jo Jo Murray's "Real Man" LP and of course Bobby Reed's all-timer "The Time Is Right For Love" plus an original copy on Tyson of the the disco rap grail "Rap Attack" from Family Four. 

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This week has also seen the release of a brand new album from the soon-to-quit Jonas Kullhammar Quartet which comes highly recommended from the Record Mania staff. Limited release so, as the say on eBay, don't sleep...

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