Friday, September 6, 2013

Jazz, jazz, jazz and more!

After a couple of really strong weeks we keep the pace up by listing the first batch of records from the huge jazz collection we just bought a large part of – how about 11 Sun Ra LPs, over a dozen of Impulses and Blue Notes each, several albums from artists like Monk and Mingus plus loads of Riverside, Savoy, Prestige, ESP-Disk etc. Top Euro jazz from Svein Finnerud, Hugh Steinmetz, Torolf Molgaard, Eric Dolphy (Last Date), Wolfgang Dauner and loads of more interesting free jazz and Euro jazz including many titles we've never had before.

But of course not only jazz today, all other sections have new stuff as well  - among the rare stuff we have Tappa Zukie’s "Freak" 12", Pam Todd on Shyrlden, Sonny Jenkins 12" in Disco, Burton Inc, Eleanore Mills, Four Tracks 7" on Mandingo in Soul plus a latin favourite from Bobby Matos and a healthy dose of rock as well. Check the pictures below for some of the rarer ones or go to to see all of this weeks new arrivals.

European Jazz and Free Jazz

Jazz and Free Jazz

Soul, Funk, Disco, Rock, Reggae, Latin

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