Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly update 2/8 - Damu the Fudgemunk, Egil Kapstad, Free Orbit, Sea Breeze, Milford Graves, Pat Britt, Promoe, Tete Montoliu, Trinikas, Uriah Heep and more...

Here at the Record Mania Sweat Lodge™ we feel lucky to not have been flooded by the sneaky, sudden rain or 
struck by the lightning and thunderstorms that's been taunting us the last week, forcing 
us to run out and save our 10kr-crates (or dollar bins, as they would be known as in 
countries with dollars as currency) several times a day from the evil moist.

This week's update is probably strongest in the Jazz-section, but we sure have some interesting
additions in the Soul/Funk/Disco, Hip-Hop and Rock departments as well. 
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And take a look at a couple of the more exclusive records below:

Sweet Ethio double sider on the folkloric tip.

UK library from 1974 by the greats Bennett and Hawkshaw.

Instrumental Dutch organ funk with a heavy hitting break and various nice tunes.

One of the most wanted releases from this great producer.

Killer hip hop EP featuring MF Doom.

Quite rare Norwegian LP with Egil Kapstad, Jan Garbarek, Radka Toneff and others.

Tough German funky jazz/jazz rock/free jazz LP with Udo Lindenberg and Peter Herbolzheimer.

Japanese LP with the beautiful spiritual/modal title track.

Unique Arthur Russell track mixed by Walter Gibbons.

Good jazz session with Tubby Hayes, Derek Humble, Victor Feldman and more.

Deep free jazz set featuring Don Cherry & Charlie Haden.

Japanese avantgarde solo guitar LP from 1982.

Full force free jazz sound from 1977.

Sealed copy of this beautiful modal album!

Very rare instrumental version of Promoe's solo LP from 2001.

Scarce german Saba-original of this great album with Peter Trunk and Al Heath.

Classic soul/funk rarity with two killer sides!

UK Vertigo original of this great heavy prog/psych LP.

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