Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly update 16/8 - Carsten Meinert, Donna McGhee, Archimedes Badkar, Maxx Traxx, New World Generation, Sly Slick & Wicked and more...

The week comes to an end and goes out in style with plenty of great records, along with some real heavyweight titles. A few of my own favourites are the Carsten Meinert, Donna McGhee and Sly Slick & Wicked, but the Johnny Osbourne & Jackie Mittoo 45's sure ain't bad either. 

Hip-hop fans may not only enjoy our new arrivals in that section, but also the fact that the Wu-Tang Clan will be doing a show here in Stockholm (Gröna Lund) on Thursday 22/8. So if you're not too far away and too busy, take a weekend in Stockholm for a great show and maybe some record shopping while you're at it. Those of you who are more inclined to rock music might be interested in the fact that Swedish psychedelic rock sensation Dungen will be playing the same day, at Trädgården.

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And take a look at a couple of the more exclusive records below:

Stunning and very indemand spiritual jazz LP with a Coltrane-inspired sound.

Rare Danish free jazz from 1982.

Swedish jazz/fusion with an Eastern inspired sound and a spiritual vibe.

Stunning Greg Carmichael/Patrick Adams LP with the great "It ain't no big thing" and "Make it last forever".

Great reggae disco 45 by the organ master, club tune!

Outstanding soulful reggae with a sparse drum & bass backing, featuring Busty Brown of The Chosen Few!

Japanese jazz LP from 1973 with the Coltrane-esque "Drizzling rain" and "Green dance".

Great modern soul/boogie album from Chicago with several strong tracks.

Killer mini LP with a Bridge/Roy Ayers sounding vibe.

Awesome soul with the fantastic "Confessin' a feeling" - lowrider slowie heaven!


  1. Record Mania säljer över nätet förstås men köper Ni in via nätet?(bor inte i Sthlm) Jag har en del välbevarad reggae på vinyl (LP) som jag tror, efter att ha kollat in avd.reggae, skulle passa in på Record Manias profil.

    1. Hej!
      Självklart kan vi köpa/byta in skivor som skickas till oss också. Dock måste det vara sådant som är tillräckligt värdefullt för att skickas, då fraktkostnaderna snabbt äter upp skivornas värde om det är billiga saker.
      Skicka gärna ett mail till oss med ett urval av titlar eller en komplett lista, så kan vi försöka komma fram till något!

    2. Låter bra, ska ta fram en lista med det snaraste.