Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly update 17/5 - Paul Weeden, Rudy Ray Moore, Willie Wright, Don Bryant, Chet Baker, Sonny Rollins and more.

This Friday update comes with some great soul/funk records, nice jazz and a bunch of rock LPs as well. Paul Weeden's very uncommon "Attakullaculla", released only in Norway, has some great funky jazz moments. Ann Peebles' husband Don Bryant brings you some good Memphis soul and last but not least Willie Wright's rare 1977 LP has the beautiful "I'm so happy now". Willie also makes the following promises on the back cover: 
That it's not a disco record, that it might be tough for teenagers to understand - and that you'll enjoy it if you're into GUITARS! Other highlights are a bunch of Blue Notes and Prestige LPs, and a couple of Chet Baker records.

One of Sweden's finest jazz musicians, Mats Gustafsson (who plays on the excellent Swedish Azz-records), stopped by the store and brought this interesting contraption along. A 7" record with a built-in, manually operated record player in the fold-out cover!

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And take a look at a couple of the more exclusive records below:

Rare Norwegian LP with the funky jazz instrumentals "Flat foot" and "First light".

Wonderful live jazz set recorded in 1976, with "Tidal breeze". If you're a fan of this, don't miss the other Chet Baker LP's added today.

The rarest LP on Hi and a great piece of Memphis soul by Ann Peebles' husband.

Rare and fierce Austrian free jazz LP with Steve Lacy.

Brilliant modern jazz album with the great "Doina".

Rare LP by blaxploitation personality Rudy Ray, with the dead funky "The turning point" and "Put your weight on it".

Great double-sider with an awesome funk track and a lovely sweet soul tune on the flip.

Mono original of beautiful Prestige album with Clifford Brown, Max Roach and so on. Several other less than common Blue Note and Prestige LPs added today as well!

Tough electro vocoder joint!

A real standout funk disco track that breaks down into the sweetest groove.

Very rare soul LP from 1977 with the fantastic "I'm so happy now".

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