Friday, January 18, 2013

Van Jones - Time has made me new, Disco 12's, Rock LP's ...

A little less records this week due to some sickness among the staff but still a healthy dose of Disco 12's, Rock LP's, Soul 45's plus more. Here's a few example of the rarer stuff. To view all records added go to New arrival section at the website here:

Ultra rare modern soul/boogie LP from 1981. Contains the superb Chic/Change-soundalike "Not about that (show me some respect)" and "She's a FFFF"!
Peter Chemist-mixed dub album of Roy Cousins-productions.
Early LP from Jimmy with a sweet soul sound close to Moments & Whatnauts.
Solo sax interpretations of Ayler's "Our Prayer", "Angels" and "Spirits", limited edition of 99 copies with paste-on white cover.
Rare avantgarde LP from 1966, US stereo original on ESP.
Absolutely brilliant progressive album that sounds way ahead of its time. Really fresh mix of spacey krautrock, afro cosmic, bossa and dusty fingers-sounding drums.
Rare German library joint with the trippy and beatheavy "Space nocturno 2" and "Rhythmic action" which is just begging to be sampled.
Very rare 50s jazz LP. Mono original, Imperial 9024 with red deep groove labels and silver print.
Japanese only album from 1979 by this great southern soul singer. Contains "Do you think there's a chance" and the superb "I can't do enough for you baby".

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