Friday, September 30, 2011

Rare soul LP's added plus some nice Impulse jazz records.

This week we haven't had time to add that much records due to that we've been busy with heavy buying but there's good and exclusive records put out especially at the soul LP's but also several Impulse jazz originals from Coltrane and others. Below are a sample of the more exclusive one's plus a few new releases that we want to push a bit extra.

W.C.B.C. - Wanna quit but can't - Very seldom seen modern soul rarity. 

Dyson's faces - Same - Original issue of this classic album by Clifton Dyson.

Georg Riedel - Riedaiglia - Really cool album with a spaced out but funky vibe. 

Honey B's - What love can do / If you didn't  - Reissue of great 70's soul.

Impalas - Speed up - Awesome club soul bomb.

J.R. Bailey - Just me'n you - Original issue of this essential album.

John Coltrane - Crescent - Stereo original in top shape. Several Coltrane albums added today.

Lou Ragland and G.L.O. - Love moods - Casino - Scarse indie soul LP. 

Mad Lads - The World famous mad lads / Music for lovers only - Unusual LP from 1987 by this classic male vocal group that made it big in the 60's. 

O.C. Tolbert - You got me turned around - Respect to Timmon for digging up high quality unreleased material. 

Pam Todd - Together - Killer disco LP.

Platinum hook - Watching you - Ace stepper in "I don't wanna live without you".

Soul Generation - Beyond body & soul - Sweet soul straight from the ghetto.

Woods empire - Universal love - indemand modern soul LP.

It will be more records next week no doubt. For all records in stock see website.

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