Friday, September 2, 2011

Library special, KPM, Selected sound, Tele music

Today we have added 70 records from the different library labels like KPM, Music De wolfe, Telemusic, Selected sounds plus more. There's great artists like Roland Kovac, Michel Gonet, Pierre Dutour and Janko Nilovic among these records. We have never had this many library titles in stock before and this is the first of two library updates that we will do. We have of course added other stuff as well. Have a look below for some of the more exclusive one's.

Gert Thrue - Sound painted picture of cosmic love - Obscure cosmic fusion LP. Listen to it!

Ann Sexton - The Beginning - Essential soul masterpiece. I love this album.

Black jack - Hot passion - European only disco LP. 

Ceasar Frazier - 75 - Westbound - Indemand funk/jazz album.

Garnet Mimms - I'll take good care of you - Almost perfect copy of this classic soul LP.

Janko Nilovic - Psyc impressions - Funky library title.

Klauss Weiss - Time signals - Selected sound 9067

Library - Disco & co vol 2 - Tele music - TM 3074 - Obscure library title in disco style.

Library - Temi drammatici - /CMT 002 - Very rare library 10 inch.

Novi singers - Bossa nova - Lovely classic album.

Pierre Dutour - Dance and mood music - DMM 309

Rogerio Duprat - The Brazilian suite / KPM 1071 

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