Friday, September 23, 2011

Library special, KPM, Selected sound, Tele music vol 2, plus many rare soul LP's.

We do our library special No 2 today with 75 library titles added from labels like Selected sound, Tele music, Music De wolfe and more. Also a good week for soul LP fans with several rare titles plus many good records in the mid price range. Roughly 325 records added in total. Below is a few of the more exclusive one's . Enjoy, Lars & Crew


Rare independant 80's soul album.

French psychadelic and funky library album.

Mono original from 1964.

Rare soul album with Bobby Patterson under a different name.

Rare soul LP on Philadelphia label.

Rare modern soul / boogie album.

LP from 1979 with great spacey disco tunes.

Rare latin LP with stunning mambo jazz and descarga.

Scarce Japanese only live album from 1975.

Brilliant 60's soul album.

Great library album in the Dance and Moods series.

A must-have album including the crossover monster "You put it on my mind".

Their seldom seen debut album in a more soul oriented style.

Library album with several long funk jams.

Rare library album with drum heavy funk jazz tunes.

Wicked 80's soul/boogie album.

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