Friday, February 20, 2015

Disco, boogie and modern soul!

Modern soul/boogie/disco time again! A vast amount of great 70s and 80s titles for your consideration, spread between albums, 12"s and 7"s. 

Special mentions in the 12" department go to Michael Boothman's "What You Won't Do For Love" (the rarest version b/w "Waiting For Your Love"), Intrigue's UK only boogie buster "I Like It", the island boogie effort from Kysofusion Band and the Bee-Gees-soundalike (but in a good way!) "Dancing nights" by Fighters.

LPs include Shadow's sought-after "Sweet Dreams" (including the heavy-hitter "Let's Get Together"), classic boogie from Active Force and First Love's self-titled modern soul set from 1981, not to mention the mega obscure Honk Kong only "A Safe Place" by David Ling.

Among the 7"s we find office favorite T Dyson & Co "It's All Over", Carrie Cleveland's off-the-wall crossover doublesider on Audio-Ent, rare sweet soul from Public Notice, equally rare dark-end disco from Angelo & Eighteen ("Flight 2"), banging modern soul/boogie from E.J. Stamp ("I Know All About It") and Holt Brothers on Mae-Monti.

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all of this week's new arrivals in our New In Stock-section.

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