Friday, October 3, 2014

Soul and Funk 45s and LPs

Today we go all in for soul and funk LPs & 45s! Many fine pieces, both well-known classics and lesser known stuff. Album rarities include US originals of Leon Debouse "A fine instrument" on Bold, Twilight's "Still loving you" (still sealed!), Donna McGhee "Make it last forever", Randolph Baker "Reaching for the stars" (including the heavy-hitter "Getting next to you"), Swedish jewel Doris with "Did you give the world some love today", UK library from Alan Parker ("The sound of soul" including "That's what friends are for"), one of our favorite 70s soul LPs in JR Bailey's "Just me 'n you" and many, many more, from cheapies to big rarities.

We also have a tasty selection of 45s like Coming Of Man's modern soul spin "Sunny day" on Right Kind, Honey Drippers funk evergreen "Impeach the president", Sharon McMahan's awesome "Get out of my life" and last but not least one of the finest modern soul double-siders around: Solid Gold Revue's "She's so good" b/w "Come let me love you"!

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all new arrivals on our New In Stock-section.

Next week we'll be back with Jazz EPs (mostly European) and some Disco!

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