Friday, October 24, 2014

(No) weekly update - 24/10 - Rikard Skizz Bizzi - Ur Funkion LP

First of all, we apologize for the lack of update this week. Both Lars and Carl have been away from the store, and we needed this week to get back on track with all incoming records.
So the records we added today consists mostly of new arrivals of reissues and new releases.
One new release that stands out a little extra is the new LP "Ur funktion" by Rikard "Skizz" Bizzi.
The store hasn't even opened yet, but they have been selling faster than any new release I can remember. Not just one of the best new Swedish releases in a long time, but one of the best Hip-Hop LP's period. Check it out before it's too late (one copy left as I'm writing this)!
Now sold out, but get your copy from the man who made the record himself:

If you have the slightest interest in Hip-Hop, you might want to go to the release party as well, more info here:

And you're into African rhythms, Kizaa Zaa Radio is having a 3-year (congrats!) party tomorrow:

What: Kizaa Zaa Radio 3 year birthday party with High Life, Jonas Persson (Bon Chance), Joxaren, and Baby Owl!
Where: Taverna Brillo, Sturegatan 6, Stockholm
When: October 25, 22:00-02:00 Why: Cause Kizaa Zaa is an awesome 3 year old 
How: Bring yourself and your dancing shoes!

More info:

Check out her mix on Soundcloud, with records from our cheapie-bins!

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