Friday, November 16, 2012

Modern soul, boogie, disco and more!

This week's focus is on modern soul, boogie and disco with a large number of records added that more or less fit in those boxes. Everything from rarities such as Timothy Wilson, Stage Coach and Lorraine Johnson to great cheapies from Willie Hutch, Linda Clifford and Leroy Hutson. As always there's also loads of great records added in all genres, check below for examples of the rarer stuff.

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/ Lars & crew

Very rare Danish jazz LP with all star line-up: Botschinsky, Jaedig, Rostvold etc!

Spanish original from 1973 in impeccable condition! 

Mono original of strong boogaloo album with several highlights like "Let's ball", "Mani picante" and "My shingaling.

AS-95, stereo original of tough Coltrane set.

Anytime, anyplace disco classic on rare promo only US 12"!

Excellent LP in his typical folk/soul bag with must-have tracks "I just can't help myself" and "Gotta get closer to you".


One of the rarest Prelude LPs with my favorite "Just can't walk away" and the dancer "We fell in love while dancing".

Bobby Patterson under a different name - "Let's do something different" and "If every man had a woman like you" are great modern soul tunes.

Must-have disco classic, including the dub mix with that long acapella intro. 

Modern/sweet soul album from 1981 that's very seldom seen. "When will I see you" and "Steal away love" are great.

Solid modern soul LP that just seems to get more and more indemand.

Hard to find album with a killer version of "The more I get the more I want" plus "Let your love fall like rain" is great too. 

Badass disco funk and one of the rarest TK releases.

Seldom seen LP from 1987 released by a radio station which blends quality 80's soul, boogie and a surprise cosmic disco instrumental.

Very rare modern soul/boogie album with spectacular cover! Including the great "Playing games" and the slowie "When you left, you did me in".

Killer boogie on US 12", what more do you need!

Sealed copy of classic modern soul LP with the fantastic "It's love baby", "Gotta fall in love again" and "Follow me".

Fantastic disco classic b/w a great boogie track!

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