Friday, August 3, 2012

Tony Aiken, Johnny Coles, Horace Silver, Ann Peebles, Kellee Patterson, Alton Ellis, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham...

About 340 records added this week. Especially strong for jazz and soul, plus we have taken one more step into rock territory with some classic titles from the likes of Cream, Neil Young and Deep Purple.

Superb soul/disco mini LP, as good as it is hard to find!

Really strong soulful reggae LP.

Excellent soul LP from one of the queens of the Hi sound!

R&b gem that's been a popular club spin.

Rare Philly jazz.

Excellent jazz set with Eric Dolphy. Candid mono orig.

UK stereo orig on Reaction.

Big rock set including "Hush" & "Hey Joe". US stereo orig on Tetragrammaton.

Top modern soul from Marvin Holmes!

Leftfield disco/proto house 12" with a great sound. Still seems to be under the radar.

Funky jazz LP in very presentable condition!

47 W 63rd mono original.

Private prog jazz/fusion LP, signed by band member.

New York mono original of 60s jazz set with Joe Henderson, Duke Pearson & Pete LaRoca.

Highly recommended soul LP. Includes her version of "I'm gonna love you just a little more, baby".

Mono original of very sharp 60s jazz set!

Rare and great soul LP from 1981 with the killer cuts "I don't really care" & "We belong together".

Fantastic latin/funk/soul on their version of "Funky mambo"!

Mono original from 1956

Top draw jazz classic. 6 eye mono original.

All-time classic vocal jazz.

Soul/gospel LP from 1978. This is a sealed original.

Riverside stereo original.

Private soul/gospel LP.

Rare and excellent 60s jazz on Soviet jazz label Melodia!

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