Thursday, August 2, 2012

Record Mania Mix 8 - Even more two step


Part three of Karl Marthon's two step and mellow groove series. The perfect soundtrack to those hot summer nights - enjoy!

Tony Silvester & the New Ingredient - Waves of love - Mercury
Hard Cover - Do you care (Like you say you do) - Shanty Town
Len Ron Hanks - Love mission - H.V. Waddell test pressing [believe this is a demo version of the George Duke song]
Toast - It's just an illusion (Coming to you) - Charm City
J.R. Funk & the Love Machine - I just hope you understand - Brass
Byron Blue - Whether you know it or not - Lyons Den
Fifth Avenue - Miracles - Lyon's
Edwin Starr - Eavesdropper - GTO
Brandy Wells - When it's love - WMOT
Cheryl Ladd - Skynnydippin' - Capitol (12 inch version)
Jesse Gomez - Sidewalk cafe - Bax
William Lane, Jr. - A face in the crowd - Marilyn
Reggie S - Where's your love (Where's your mind) - Shasa
Reggie S - Do you still love me - O-City
Ocean to Ocean - Summertime - Small World
Loveship - Absence - Cash Ear
Tommy McGee - To make you happy - Golden Voice
Hill & Gibson - Stay with me - H&G
Network - Let me come in - Airways

Download the mix from Sendspace right here!


  1. Det går inte att ladda ner mixen?

  2. Slow, and funky. I love it!!

  3. alltid lika fett Kalle, bra jobbat!

  4. "Len Ron Hanks - Love mission" is the first version and later by George Duke. It was released as a single in 1984.

    1. Hi Dennis! Under what label and name was it released in 1984?