Friday, July 20, 2012

O'Jays, Bobby Taylor, Earl Sixteen, Mary Lou Williams, Latee...

 Very strong week for new additions. Some thoroughly recommended 60s & 70s soul 7"s, top hip hop LPs, Impulse originals from Coltrane & Mingus alongside classic soul, funk and reggae. Below are some of the hottest new records.

Stunning 60s soul dancer from one of the best soul groups ever.


Swedish jazz/fusion with a deep, trippy vibe. Don't see this around much.

Superb northern soul, just pure class.


Fantastic northern soul in lovely condition.

Carl Meeks - Bad boy
Wicked digi 12" that's not easy to pick up.


Big modern soul room spin!


One of the best from P&P, huge disco classic with a lot of life left in it.

Impressive LP that doesn't up turn up a lot.

Coltrane on a deep tip. US stereo orig.


Hip hop masterclass! Wild Pitch and Mark 45 King at their finest.


Rare roots, Canadian only.

Rare and great funky/spiritual jazz LP!

Rare 12" from one of the best Swedish hip hop acts.


Massive hip hop classic on US original.

Willie Colon - The Hustler
Gold label US orig of classic Fania session.

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