Friday, March 19, 2010

New in stock

Highlight this week include some disco stuff like:
Rockin' horse - Same
Halloween - Come see what it's all about
Universal energy - Disco energy

A Detroit Juan Atkins techno classic:
Channel one - Technicolor

Soul/rare groove highlights are:

Leroy Hutson two best Lp's for me "II" and "Hutson"
Mary Mundy - Love is gone
Nineteenth whole - Smilin
Doris Duke - Woman
Solid Solution - Loving you
Van Dykes - Tellin' it like it is - Lovely soul LP in pure Impressions style.

Several beautiful highquality Japanese reissues and a few original Japanese releases. For example:
Ann Sexton - The Beginning - With material from both the original "The Beginning" LP and her ultra rare "Loving you, loving me" LP.
Ovations - Sweet thing - Japanese only LP
Barney Wilen - Tilt - Japanese reissue of ultra rare French only LP. (I know there's an original copy is about 2000 meter from the shop.
Danser's inferno - Creation one - Rare groove classic here reissued with the original cover.

A few European jazz/bossa records like:
Börje Fredriksson - Intervall - A cheaper copy that plays good but looks bad.
Lisa Lynn - Scandinavian souvenir

Hip hop like:
Gravediggaz - 6 feet deep
Popular Swedish hip hop like:
Looptroop - Modern day city symphony
El Sheriffo

Don't miss that it will be Big update next week Thursday 25th. We will add something like 500 rare and indemand records. I think it looks to be one of our best Big updates in a long time. Take care, Lars

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