Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebay too big for their own good.

I got message from ebay about their new fee's regarding our ebay listings. To quote:

"Just a quick reminder that our lowest Insertion Fees ever are almost here! Starting March 30, the upfront cost of selling on eBay is about to be dramatically reduced".

It looks like good news doesn't it? Just like last time I got an optimistic email from ebay regarding reduced fee's they reduce one fee and raise all the others. Now with the new fee's it's roughly 2 % higher than before which already was incredible expensive. We have same stock at our ebay store and at our website but at ebay we have to add 18% plus that we include the shipping cost so it makes it much more expensive at our ebay store. For the best deal please buy from our website and you and I both save some money. Since the website is linked with our ebaystore it goes away within seconds if anyone buys so everything that's available to buy is available at both sites. I'm looking forward to when ebay get's some competion as they obviously think that they can raise their fee's all the time and keep all the sellers.

At the positive side I must thank all customers for the great response to our last "Big update". We had our second best selling day ever which feels great. Thank you, Lars Larsson.

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