Friday, February 5, 2010

Plenty of Jazz records added today.

Primarily jazz added this week but a few good ones on the other sections as well. Some of the highlights includes INI's hip hop masterpiece "Center of attention" LP, 9th Creation's lovely 45 only "I'm still your friend", Larry Wedgeworth "No more games", Moments "On top" Stang LP, Monica Zetterlund "Waltz for Debby", Art Blakey "The Big beat" etc. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Lars! Hey, have you heard of this Sounds Of Liberation LP from back in the 70s with Byard Lancaster?!!! WOW!!!!! What a record.... i'm listening to it every day, but i need the OG copy....;-)
    All the best my freind, Raggy

  2. Hi Raggy! Not one we have had for sale but will keep an eue out for you. Kind Regards, Lars