Thursday, February 4, 2010

Digging for records

On my hunt for records I've been to countless places and had quite big wealth of experiences, both bad and good. One of my worst came last week when I visited an old customer of mine that wanted to sell his collection. He's living in the countryside in the middle of nowhere. When we were ready with the dealing I set off to my family's country house as it would be closer to get to and it was starting to get really late. When I make a great purchase I often get a bit of a adrenaline rush and high. This plus that the car radio was playing some killer music made me drive a little bit too fast. Just when Smokey Robinson was singing "Ooo baby baby" on the radio I came to a sharp curve that made the car skid off the road and into a huge pile of snow. In the middle of nowhere and with no cell phone working, I started to dig out the car from the snow. After two hours digging I had dug out everything around the car and the majority underneath it, but there was still enough snow under the car so that the front tires were still not connected to the road. I laid alongside the car digging out the snow when the car's front tires crashed down to the road with my left hand under the car and my head just centimeters from it. I still couldn't get the car out, so I walked for half an hour to our country house. The last 700 metres of road is not public, and was completely snowed over. When I reached the house I learned that the water pipes had frozen and thephone was dead. After two hours sitting by the fireplace there was still snow on the floor from me and my clothes were steaming.
I got some killer records anyway that will be added to the website in the nearest weeks, for example Lars Lystedt "Jazz under the midnight sun". A superb title which I always like to have in stock.


  1. Sounds like a tuff day. Big up for posting stories like these though, and the dj-stories, very entertaining and interesting to read!

  2. thanks for the nice words. I will come back soon with some more stories.