Friday, March 16, 2018

Free Jazz & Spiritual Jazz

Massive Free Jazz/Spiritual Jazz-update today with over 200 titles being added to the site. Among the rarer stuff we find Steve Reid "Nova", Eloise Greenfield "Honey I Love", Pheeroan Aklaff "House Of Spirit - Mirth", Masayuki Takayanagi "Action Direct", Yosuke Yamashita "Cocert In New Jazz", a large number of FMP-titles plus some albums on classic avantgarde labels as ICP, ESP-Disk, BYG Actuel, Ogun and a lot more.

To see all new arrivals please check and have a look at all the additions from earlier this week too.

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Coming updates:
23/3: Disco, Modern Soul, House
29/3 or 30/3: Rock 80s-Now
6/4: 60s & 70s Soul
13/4: Blues & Blues Rock

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