Friday, April 21, 2017

Rock, Pop, Synth from the 80s to now + Punk/New Wave

Today we're taking it back to the 80s (and late 70s), and moving forward until present time. Rock, Indie, Pop, Synth Pop (with an almost silly amount of Depeche Mode), Punk & New Wave.
Maybe not the same power in numbers as in our recent Disco and Soul update, but a nice and fresh wind! Rare Bruce Springsteen and Thåström share space with obscure Swedish synth pop (like the very cool 7" by Finish Him), Broder Daniel and Nirvana, singles by The Cure, plus possibly the rarest Michael Jackson 12" of all (the withdrawn "Smile").

Don't forget, tomorrow (22/4) is Record Store Day - we'll be open from 11-17 (instead of the usual 12-16) - check our Instagram later today ( to see what special releases we'll have in store.

One new release up for sale today is the admirable project "Blipp Blopp för Barn" - electronic music for kids (and their parents).
Such a great initiative has to be supported, so of course we're selling it!

Click here!

To see all new arrivals please check and have a look at all the additions from earlier this week too.

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Coming updates:

28/4: Hip Hop & R&B
5/5: Free & Spiritual Jazz
12/5: Latin, Afro, Brasil & Reggae

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