Friday, October 14, 2016

Reggae & Afro

Our reggae and afro crates have been pretty empty lately but this week we're filling them up with over 200 new arrivals! Among them we're happy to offer a handful of rare Ehtio 45s complete with picture sleeves (Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete, Alemayehu Borobor, Getachew Kassa) plus a bunch of Afro LPs.

In the reggae LP section we have Freddie McKay's lovely classic "Picture On The Wall", dub LPs from Revolutionaries and Observers, digi dub/modern roots from Alpha & Omega and Peter Broggs plus the very hot Eric Lou Root LP. Also a big bunch of 12"s ranging from UK digi dub from Aba-Shanti and Alpha & Omega to roots from Dennis Hamilton, Lopez Walker and Patrick Andy and finally in the 45 section we have Jennifer Lara's killer "Hand To Mouth", John Holt's classic "Ali Baba" plus some Prince Buster-stuff and a lot more!

And for all you non-mailorder customers we have about 150 store-only reggae 45s priced 30-60 SEK each so please drop by the store!

To see all new arrivals please check and have a look at all the additions from earlier this week too.

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Coming updates:
21/10: European Jazz
28/10: Prog & Symphonic Rock

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