Friday, July 22, 2016

Hip Hop & R&B!

Hip Hop has been in somewhat of a drought as of lately, but today we're watering our shelves with loads of it, mainly LPs but a few 12"s as well and some R&B things for good measure.
Both classic and now hard to find titles from artists like NWA, Notorious BIG, Mos Def and Mobb Deep, as well as indie artists like Lil' Ugly Mane, Eyedea & Abilities and Cunninlynguists.
And I don't think the Swedish gem Latin Kings - Mitt Kvarter will be staying for long this time either...

See all new arrivals at and have a look at all the additions from earlier this week too.

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Coming updates:

29/7: 80s-00s Rock/Indie
5/8: Free Jazz & Spiritual Jazz
12/8: Latin, Brazil, Afro & Reggae
19/8: European Jazz

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