Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Lamont Dozier/McKinley Jackson mix

After Motown Lamont Dozier not only got his solo career going but also kept his partnership with the Holland brothers. As well as setting up new fruitful collaborations with people like McKinley Jackson, Reginald Dozier and Popcorn Wylie. 

Karl Marthon shares a few of his favorites from this era here on this mix made exclusively for the Record Mania blog. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

How did I lose you (Popcorn Wylie LP "Extrasensory Perception", Abc 1974)
Watch where you're going (Bobby Hutton 7 inch, Abc 1974)
Take off your make-up (Chuck Jackson 7 inch, Abc 1974)
Joy (LP "Right there", Warner Brothers 1976)
I wanna be with you (LP "Black Bach", Abc 1974)
Let me make love to you (LP "Out here on my own", Abc 1973)
Put out my fire (LP "Black Bach", Abc 1974)
Fly away (To my wonderland) (Lawrence Hilton Jacobs 7 inch version, Abc 1978)
(Oh I) Need your lovin' (Wali Ali, V/A LP "Yesterday Today & Forever", Jobete 1980)
Nothing can take the place (Of your love) (Originals 7 inch, Motown 1975)
Love me to the max (LP "Bittersweet", Warner Brothers 1979)
Family jewels (Ben E. King LP "Let me live in your life", Atlantic 1978)
Something to fall back on (LP "The Abc years and lost sessions", Expansion 2000)
Can't get off until the feeling stops (LP "Right there", Warner Brothers 1976)
All cried out (7 inch version, Abc 1974)
I got it all with you (LP "Bittersweet", Warner Brothers 1979)
I get carried away (Margie Joseph LP "Hear the words, feel the feeling", Cotillion 1976)
Didn't I tell you (Freda Payne LP "Payne & pleasure", Abc Dunhill 1974)
(I'm) Just being myself (Dionne Warwicke 7 inch, Warner Brothers  1973)
That ain't the way you make love (Z.Z. Hill LP "Keep on lovin' you", United Artists 1975)

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