Friday, January 29, 2016

Hip Hop!

Hello again,

Big hip hop bonanza today, including plenty of rare titles we have never had in stock before, mixed with shop favorites from Nas, Gang Starr, Hard Knocks, Sherlock (THE most wanted Swedish hip hop record!), Biggie, Hard 2 Obtain and many more. Special mentions must go to Grand Wizard Theodore's crucial disco rap "Can I get a soul clapp", hard to find 90s indie releases by Ali Dee, Pure Dee Funk and Mob Style, not forgetting Latee's hard-as-nails "This cut's got flavor"!

See all new arrivals at and have a look at all the additions from earlier this week too.

Coming updates:
5/2: European Jazz (LPs & EPs)
12/2: Latin/Brazil/Afro/Reggae
19/2: Free Jazz/Spiritual Jazz

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