Friday, August 14, 2015

Rare Groove

Rare groove theme this week with US originals of much-wanted LPs from Lee Moses, Meters (self-titled and "Struttin"), West Coast Revival, Leroy Hutson x 3, Carl Sherlock Holmes' "Investigation no 1", Johnny Hammond's evergreen "Gears" and Cavril Payne's rare album featuring the gem "When I open my eyes"!

Some real quality 7"s as well, from the funky (James Pane, the SA only Challengers on Thula and the Betty Wright-soundalike Freda Harris with "Feeling funky") to soulful highlights as Serena Johnson "All work and no play" and 5 Miles Out "Super sweet girl of mine".

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all of this week's new arrivals in our New In Stock section.
Coming updates:

21/8: European Jazz
28/8: Modern Soul, Disco, Boogie, House

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