Friday, May 1, 2015

European Jazz

First of May, the International Worker's Day - you might have expected a big Swedish prog update, but it should work just as well with a fine European Jazz update. 

EPs, with Jazz greats like Don Rendell Quintet, Joe Harriott Quintet, Zoot Sims and the Freund - Mangelsdorff Sextett, and some very nice Jazz & Fusion LPs if we may say so ourselves.

With Nils Lindberg's excellent Trisection LP, a couple by the ever so popular Jan Johansson, Sabu Martinez (both "Afro Temple" and "Aurora Borealis"), Pop Workshop and Archimedes Badkar covering some of the Swedish bases, topped by one of the most wanted Swedish Jazz LPs at the moment - "Cirrus", by Bertil Strandberg.
Other European countries and the Fusion section is represented by the likes of Michel Sardaby, Jef Gilson, Dusko Goykovich, Abrax, Gialma 3, Bruno Spoerri, the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet's "One Tension" and the elusive "Got The Feelin'" with the Dave Pike Set.

The store is open as usual on Fridays, 12-18, so when you're done protesting - stop by and pick up your goods!

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all of this week's new arrivals in our New In Stock-section.

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Coming updates:

8/5: Hip Hop, Funk Jazz, Breaks
15/5: Latin, Brasil, Afro, Reggae
22/5: Rare Grooves

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