Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly update 6/3 - Free Jazz and Spiritual Jazz

Right in time for the new Spiritual Jazz 6 from Jazzman, the theme of the week happens to be Spiritual Jazz and Free Jazz. Beautiful sounds to bring your spirit level up to healthy readings, and Free frenzy to twist your brain back to the normal again.
Some of the highlights include some of our own favourites like Sun Ra - Lanquidity, Asha by Lloyd McNeill, Carsten Meinert's fantastic To You and probably the most wanted of these - the epic Black Renaissance by Harry Whitaker.

There's nothing wrong with the Free Jazz either, but look out for the big Contemporary Jazz from Holland - Litany for the 14th of June 1966 by the Willem Breuker Orchestra and Quintet, one of Bengt "Frippe" Nordström's rarer releases (BNLP 8B / 9D) and both Swedish and Japanese fine releases - one that might not be Free Jazz to be precise, but interesting nonetheless: Hans Edler's Elektron Kukeso.

Check the pictures below for examples of the rarer stuff or see all of this week's new arrivals in our New In Stock-section.

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Mar 13 - Afro, Latin, Brazil, Reggae

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