Friday, August 29, 2014

29/8 - Hip Hop, Disco, Funk Jazz and Breaks

Friday is here, and we're trying to brighten your weekend with some Hip-Hop, but also Disco, Funk Jazz and Breaks. The Hip-Hop section might have been a bit thin lately, but here's to changing that, and bringing along some of the classic breaks and such responsible for many of the tunes people have been rapping over for years.

The third issue of Jazz Är Farligt will also be dropped off in our store later today, this time it's an election special featuring Bo Anders Persson, Tant Strul, Fläsket Brinner and more - with wise words from these artists for you to reflect upon before the upcoming election. The price is no more than 10 kr, so be sure to pick up a copy of this lovingly crafted fanzine when you're here!

We also have the 59th issue of Wax Poetics, with articles on Aaliyah, Rinder & Lewis, Blu and many more interesting musicians.

We've also stocked up on some reissues that we haven't had in a while, along with some new, quality stuff. Especially noteworthy might be the Afro-stuff like the Tabu Ley and Keyboard, but don't miss out on the beautiful Fela Kuti-reissues!

Have a look at some of the more exclusive records below, and see all new records on our New in stock-page! Don't forget to join our Facebook-group as well.

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