Friday, June 6, 2014

Record Mania mix 18 - 2 Step Volume 5

The soundtrack to your summer has arrived! 

Here's volume five in Karl Marthon's two step and mellow groove series made exclusively for our blog. 

This is yet another soulful musical journey that will take us all over the american continent. Featuring music from household names to obscure artists, from go-go artists (Chuck Brown and Andre Saundars) to southern soul stalwarts (Ollie Nightingale and Johnny Taylor). 

We wish you a smooth ride!

Kopper - Time to say goodbye - Kma
Cornelius McFerson - Because of you - Real Music
Andre Saundars - I can't control my feelings - Future Records & Tapes
Keni Burke - It's the last time - Dark Horse
Johnny Taylor - Shoot for the stars - Beverly Glen
Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers - Who are you - Source
Sid the Kid feat. Darelle - I wanna hold you tight - Solo
Evelyn "Champagne" King - I think my heart is telling - Rca
David Fathead Newman (vocals by Tanyette) - Two can do it - Prestige
Ollie Nightingale - I'm in love - Pathfinder
Kenny Hamilton - Seems a million years - Scorpio
Chocolate Milk - Over the rainbow - Rca
Carol Dionne - I need you - Gateway
Unity - Somethin' special about you - United Artists
Standing Room Only - Heart and soul - YGB
Major Harris - The Game - Renaissance
Lonnie Jordan - The Affair - Boardwalk
Sterling Harrison - You've got that thing - Phono
Michigan Avenue - All that matters - Cello
Kool & Together - His beginning is my end - Magic
Stage Coach - When you left, you did me in - United Sound

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