Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest mix from Magnus Knopf

This week we have the pleasure to share a mix made by our long-time friend and customer Magnus Knopf. We've always suspected that he had a collection as good and interesting as his taste, and this mix sure covers a wide selection of genres and music from different continents!
Don't be scared if you don't know any of the tracks, you'll probably find these sounds like massage for your eardrums anyway...

1. Bert Jansch - Life depends on love
2. Åke Granholm - Love all
3. Patricia Cofield - How can I lose
4. Um show de bossa - Se fosse com voce
5. Michael Gately - The piano player is gone
6. Pierre Michelot - Sous les ponts de Paris
7. Lunar 7 - Spouge explosion
8. Isto e o drink - Olhou pra min
9. Tömrerclaus - Dauu
10. Vee Allen - Cheating is a no no
11. Keef Hartley - Premonition
12. Åke Granholm - Dreaming
13. Elis Regina - Nada sera como antes
14. Um show de bossa - Timbo
15. Dion & the Belmonts - Come to my side
16. Dark city sisters - Change jive bafana
17. Andy Harlow - Sopresa la flauta

Thanks Magnus!

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