Thursday, March 27, 2014

Across the board music mix from Leo Hallin

Leo's second mix for our blog, again ranging from soul ballads to leftfield synth tracks via some Robert Wyatt. Check it out here:

robert wyatt - pigs (in there) 
sahara - the wind (instrumental)
sso - everybody needs somebody to love 
dan lacksman - love you everyday
bonnie pointer - i wanna make it in your world
jeanette - in the morning 
alan shearer - hollywood
ssf - slow motion 
focus - janis 
sten bergman - sorti 
ben morris - en regnig dag i bananien 
chris linn - there's no hope in dope 
barbara mason - darling come back home 
rb hudmon - i could paint a picture 
jr tucker - going through school and love
joe brown & soul elderados - vibration pt.2 
romeo taylor - when you made love to me pt.2 
reggie garland - why now (instrumental) 
shit & chanel - klovnen
lio - petite amazon
mark & suzanne farmer - dreams 
dolletts - small talk (doesn't bother me) 
steve marshall - still thinking of you (instrumental)

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